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User:redhandeddenial (657825)
Location:New Albany, United States
Interests:104: 28 days later, a static lullaby, across five aprils, afi, alien ant farm, art, balderdash, bardstown road, bath and body works, being nice, bora bora, bows, brand new, bubble baths, bury your dead, cabin fever, candles, chai tea, chinese food, chucky t's, coffee shops, comic view, corduroys, counting crows, cruel intentions, cuddling, donnie darko, dude where's my car, elton john, emo glasses, encino man, every time i die, fairs, finch, fireworks, friends, from autumn to ashes, haunted hill, hearts, horror movies, incubus, jackets, jasmine tea, jochum, kelly o, leah's calvins, leonardo dicaprio, levis, lillies, love, making collages, making home movies, mandy moore, murder by death, my granny, my mom, nirvana, norma jean, old people, pearls, photography, piano, piercings, polka dots, puppies, red nail polish, requiem for a dream, retro apparel, romeo and juliet, roses, s.t.u.n., scarfs, se7en, shaggy hair, shirts with pockets, shopping, shows, silverstein, slc punk, son in law, sour patch kids, stars, stories of crime, story of the year, swish bangs, tattoos, the 80's, the basketball diaries, the bronx, the butterfly effect, the darkness, the judas cradle, the kdc, the pest, the shining, the used, the whitman tragedy, theme parks, thrift shops, titanic, underoos, vaux, waterfront park, yellowcard
Friends:9: andrewscross, fallenwillow69, hallofmirrors, lilchewyhobo, marly87, myloveyourknife, pinkpolkadots, r2kblink, strandedmemory
Friend of:4: andrewscross, lilchewyhobo, myloveyourknife, _cassio
Account type:Free User

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