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Below is user information for So shoot me.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:redeggsandham (208639)
Name:So shoot me.
Location:United States
Bio:I am your personal stalker.

The current mood of Krista at
Interests:147: a new renaissance, abandinallhope, agent orange, alkaline trio, alli with an i, altamont union, apocketfullofposers, assume the worst, autopilot off, bad astronaut, blane, boy kicks girl, brand new, breaking pangaea, buffcode, call me suzie, cold, coldplay, colonial guidelines, count the stars, crass, dashboard confessional, deadsy, descendents, dinkus 9, dogmatic, dope, down by law, down on hayley, drive like jehu, dropkick murphys, dynamite boy, emery, face first, fall out boy, favorite, fence, fenix tx, finch, flogging molly, fork period, friction fx, fugazi, further seems forever, gob, goldfinger, good riddance, green day, guttermouth, h2o, hi strung, holly tree, homegrown, hot hot heat, i voted for kodos, inspection 12, kid go home, kind of like spitting, kutless, lagwagon, le tigre, lemon yellow, les savy fav, less than jake, linkin park, local h, losing ground, makeshift3, mefirstandthegimmegimmes, midtown, millencolin, mindless self indulgence, mxpx, name taken, nerf herder, never heard of it, nofx, off by one, orgy, parkview, pennywise, perfect disaster, piebald, presidents of the usa, pretty girls make graves, punchline, q and not u, rain in dayton, rancid, reel big fish, reffer, relient k, reset, rooney, rufio, rx bandits, saves the day, screeching weasel, second-class, seven ten split, shut up donny, small brown bike, smalltown zeroz, somehow hollow, something corporate, spare lead, sparta, sr-71, stairwell, stay the nite, stolen toothpaste, story of the year, sublime, sugarcult, sunny day real estate, swingin utters, taking back sunday, ten foot pole, ten shades of grey, the cheapskates, the cranberries, the donots, the get up kids, the living end, the mighty mighty bosstones, the movielife, the nuclear saturday, the offspring, the promise ring, the ramones, the raveonettes, the starting line, the suburban legends, the transplants, the white stripes, thrice, thursday, tsunami bomb, under the weather, unwritten law, vanity beach, venting, veruca salt, voodoo glow skulls, wakefield, weezer, zeromancer
Friends:5: bertwagner, loserkid7713, luv9fe9rh, muahzrxoh, xhaushinka
Friend of:5: bertwagner, doereh24, luv9fe9rh, muahzrxoh, xombstepphyxo
Member of:28: altmixtape, bayareamusic, billie_joe_fans, canadianmetal, cd_burners, downloadable, el_n_gee_kids, emojerseyrock, false_ideals, good_music, hxc, indiemixtapes, i_heart_msi, local_pa_music, makingamixtape, mixedtapes, mix_tapes, musicislifex, musictrade, music_lovers, newenglandpunx, newmusic, random_songs, realfuckinmusic, recommendations, rockinfemales, swap_headphones, _reviews
Account type:Free User

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