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Below is user information for Nik. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:reddots (315160)
Location:LA, California, United States
AOL IM:VintageLoves (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username:ScrewJive
Bio:It's me. Love me or hate me. Like it or leave it.


- Nik
- Daughter, best friend, sister, Aunt, Sister-in-law, friend
- 20-years-old
- Hip-hop instructor/choreographer
- Assistant
- Italian, Irish, German, Welsh and Creole
- Loves friends, family, music, writing, surfing, the beach,
James Dean, shoes, purses, make-up, clothes and
all that fun stuff that is being a girl.
- Hates racism, close-minded losers, and liars.

I'm pretty outgoing and won't hesitate to tell you exactly what I'm thinking.
I'm impatient and sometimes have a short temper, but believe it or not,
I'm a very laid back person.


"Don't you know that love's intoxicating, and
I need the abuse"

FromScratch @

Interests:60: accoustic guitar, adam brody, anti-racism, art, australia, bands, ben & jerry's, black and white pictures, books, brad pitt, candles, clothes, clubs, concerts, crank yankers, cuties, dancing, drums, flip flops, friends, hawaii, high heels, hip-hop, hugs, ikea, james dean, james franco, jason mraz, jeans, kisses, lakers, lip gloss, make-up, marilyn monroe, movies, music, n.e.r.d., painting, parties, photography, piano, purses, quotes, r&b, red, shoes, shopping, smiles, starbucks, steelers, subway, surfing, the 50's, the 80's, the beach, urban outfitters, vintage t-shirts, wakefield, working out, writing
Friends:6: dimpledots, intheband, tizzay, vintage_love, xunderneath, yes_please
Friend of:6: dimpledots, intheband, tizzay, vintage_love, xunderneath, yes_please
Account type:Free User

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