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Below is information about the "we love red hair" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:red_hair (54220)
Name:we love red hair
Website:mod's journal
About:A community for people with and fans of red hair to gather and share their love of the best hair colour out there!

Got naturally red hair? Is it dyed? Just an admirer? Doesn't matter!

Show us your hair, tell us your hair stories, talk about your favourite coppertop celebrities, share the red headed love!

Rules [because everyone needs rules, right?]:

Posting pictures: please try to keep the pictures under 400x400 for the viewing pleasure of users with slower modems. for posting larger pictures or more than one, please use the cut tags.

Editing entries: if you make a mistake when posting something and want to go back and fix it, don't make several additional entries, just go back and fix it! don't know how? learn here.

Spam and rudeness will not be tolerated and any entries of that nature will be deleted.
Interests:56: alyson hannigan, anne of green gables, archie, auburn hair, bill weasley, bonnie wright, carrot top, charlie weasley, chris rankin, conan o'brien, coppertop, debra messing, dyed, freckles, fred weasley, gambit, george weasley, ginger hair, ginny weasley, groundskeeper willy, hair, hair dye, james phelps, jean grey, julia roberts, julianne moore, kim possible, little orphan annie, lucille ball, molly ringwald, natural, nicole kidman, oliver phelps, pebbles flintstone, percy weasley, pete & pete, pippi longstockings, quinn morgendorfer, raggedy andy, raggedy ann, reba mcintyre, red hair, redheads, robert redford, rogue, ron howard, ron weasley, rupert grint, sarah ferguson, sharon osbourne, shirley manson, strawberry blonde hair, strawberry shortcake, vincent van gogh, wendy, wilma flintstone
Members:48: break_it_off, celestinia, cky, conangrrl2003, cosmicglory, dancin_barefoot, drowninginfire, electricisis, electro_k, elliot7676, faerydust, femalefrater, femmefusion, foreverred, foxxy_gurl2004, freckle_face, gigglebyte, girby, julianne_moore, justagirl911, justlikemagic, ladycordelia, laurenferris, lazlobiro, luckiducki, messedup4life, misswonderful, myblacktears, november_rayn, ohbrother, outlet4mysery, power_off, prittypinktutu, rainisnice, redhead, redheads, sassrock, screamingfear, shimmeringrayne, slytherin_steph, sweet_n_sexie, thats_amore, vixgrrrl, xrougex, xxkorn6freakxx, _je_souhaite, _pitchblack, __stitches
Watched by:18: break_it_off, cky, cosmicglory, electricisis, foxxy_gurl2004, lazlobiro, lovinzack, messedup4life, misswonderful, november_rayn, power_off, prittypinktutu, redheads, sweet_n_sexie, thats_amore, vixgrrrl, _pitchblack, __stitches
Account type:Early Adopter

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