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Below is user information for All I Want Is A LiL Taste Of Heaven. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:rebelliousprep (148849)
Name:All I Want Is A LiL Taste Of Heaven
Website:My Duct Tape Site
Location:Jackson, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:Cherriglossbabi (Add Buddy, Send Message)
.The Chic.
[Name] Tanya
[Age] 14
[Stats] Tabor Bopp

I hate alot of people... and i'm sorta a prep and i sick of it and sick of being labeled(and if your asking didn't she just label herself?yes i did cuz hey your just gonna do it anyway better me say b4 u do) and sick of life period. I like listening to punk and rock and doing what i'm not suppose to. I really need alot of attention because of my drama at home but lets not get into that, but when i'm happy(if ever) i'm a pretty good person and pretty good friend.

My draggy!His Name Is Philipo!
I got my draggy at!!!
Get one!

My Bolonga Has a First Name Its O S C A R!
My Bolonga Has Second Name Its M A Y E R!
Oh I Love To Eat It Everday And If You Ask Me Why I Say, Cuz Oscar Mayer Has A Way With B O L O G N A!!! yay its my birthday yay!!!
woot woot
I'm not ur average loser... I'm a Double Loser...
Memories:1 entry
Interests:48: abstinence, aim, ballet, bandaids with pictures, bi-polar people, birds, black boys, black eyeliner, blood, boot-legged movies, breaking stuff, chain necklaces, curve perfume, cutting, dancing, death, drawing, duck tape, duct tape, freedom, guns, highlighters, horror movies, html, hugs, killing games, math, mint cookies, my closet, my cousins, my website, poetry, pointe, shooting, singing, sleeping days away, smell of nail polish, snipers, sour lip gloss, strawberries, sum 41, the all american rejects, the sims, the twix rabbit, the used, vegitarians, virginity, writing
Friends:17: above_the_sky_, blackholesun, curiously_close, irrezistiible, lilpenguinqt, love_me_tender, poetrypwincess, rocknonstop, shinobistealth, survivingangel, taylormarie, teddibear5303, ttigergirll, xbubblyrufflesx, xmelissa, xxcareb3arxx, zoe
Friend of:12: curiously_close, irrezistiible, lilpenguinqt, love_me_tender, poetrypwincess, stopmypain666, survivingangel, taylormarie, teddibear5303, tkayizrad, xbubblyrufflesx, xxcareb3arxx
Member of:5: comment_whore, stopthepain, thelillygardens, _blurtybuddies, __duct_tape
Account type:Early Adopter

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