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User:reaperskiss (857877)
Location:Alabama, United States
Bio:My idenitity is none of your concern or business. This journal shall be my rants and ponderings on subjects and events that take place in my life which means alot of bitchyness and anger in these so if you do not like these types of journals, I suggest you go stalks somebody else's journal. Unless you are very close to me personally, chances are I won't trust you that well so don't count on me adding you to my friends list so quickly. That is all you will know.


"Nope, nothin in my noggin."- Dori from "Finding Nemo"

"Hm...Don't know, don't care, how's that?"- Kuzco from "Emperor's New Groove"

"Ten years... it's only two little words. But to live it is a long time."- Saitou

"A whipped dog shouldn't bark so loud."- Saitou

"You have the form of a child, but your heart is already that of an adult."- Kenshin

"Nothing is stronger than the will to live."-Kenshin

"Surpassing your limits is what leads to excellence. Sano and I learned that in our last fight. Your limits aren't something you decide yourself."- Kenshin

"Well, you can't separate selfishness from love."-Sano

"Really... I wish I had something to cure stupidity."- Megumi

"Forgetting the person I care most about--where's the happiness in that?"- Misao

"Giving in is what kills people."- Arucard

"SHUT UP! I'll never give up! I would die before giving up! That is my duty and pride as leader of the Hellsing Organization!"- Young Integra
Interests:95: ak 47s, alexander anderson, alucard, animals, anime, anthro art, anthropomorphics, archery, beanie babies, being petted, bishounens, blades, blood, bullets, ceres victoria, claiming, claude winchester, claws, cloud strife, darkness, dbz, dracula, dragons, drawing, drawing furries, eiri yuki, fangs, ffvii, fighting, fire, friends, furries, furry, furry art, gravitation, guns, guys with long hair, harry potter, harry potter series, hellhounds, hellsing, hiroshi nakano, hitokiri battousai, inuyasha, j-pop, jan, japan, japanese, japanese language, katanas, kenshin himura, kingdom hearts, luke, manga, midnight, miroku, moonlight, mr. k, mythology, myths, naraku, nature, photoshop, playing the ocarina, plushies, pokemon, pouncing, ps2, role playing, roleplay, rurouni kenshin, ryoko, samurai jack, samurais, sephiroth, seras victoria, sesshoumaru, shooting, shuuichi shindou, sir integral wingates hellsing, sketching, spirited away, stars, sunglasses, sword fighting, sword training, swords, tenchi muyo, vampires, vincent valentine, walter, writing, yerf, youkai, zelda
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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