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User:razzleberry (20661)
Website:Picture's of me, friends, and ICONS
Bio:`-»Basics On Me ][
My name is Jill... call me Jilly. 15 years old but I know alot more than you think. My boyfriend is Blair<3 I am usually pretty outgoing but I tend to be more shy in person or around others I don't know. Sometimes can be artistic... picture's or writting poems. I love to play soccer and I am a pretty busy person most of the time playing soccer, working, just on the computer chatting with my friends, or rambling on here about Blair, or just how my day went. I can be really depressed sometimes but everyone goes through it. (so I like to say...) one thing. I don't have a specific type of guy I like. I have a picture in my mind, but I also keep an open mind.

`-»Physical Appearance ][
I HAD long hair... but one day I decided to cut it off and see how I look with short hair.. it's redish brown and I'm growing it out again. I am around 5'7 or something, not exactly sure. I weigh 120 pounds which I think is pretty good because I have worked hard to get that way and put up with alot of critisism. I have a birthmark on my right cheek but it's fading away, thank god!

`-»What Makes Jill.. Jilly ][
My friends have always helped make me happy when I'm blue and a couple people who I look up to and go to for advice are Beth, Blair, Luiza, and Diana. I have a couple signature marks like my tendency to change moods really quick, mellow to HYPER to depressed. I love soccer(Sorrenteno Stars) and v-ball(Royals). My favorite band is Lifehouse, Jason Wade IS HOT!

`-»what breakz me ][
Rumors, fakes, Avril Lavigne herself... although I don`t mind her music. Preps, people who think they`re too good for you.. people who always bitch, always depressed or always happy. Perfectionists, liers, hard music, stealers, being alone, players, people who tell me what to do..NOTE: I go my own way most of the time anywayz so give up now. People who think your too stupid to figure out the obvious.. and if you can't figure out the obvious.. damn I feel sorry for you.
`-»My Rocks ][
Mackenzie, someone I can relate to. Blair...on a personal note: wow your the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life, LUV YOU!** He is usually there for me but sometimes I dislike him for not being there.. he's there when it counts. Luiza- Man she can really just be the coolest person I know but a huge thanks goes to you. Diana, I LOVE YOU POOKIE.. that basicly says it all, best friends for ever. Leah... your so cute! ahah, I admire you for so many reasons, your athletic.. smart.. always have a possitive attitude. Beth~ your pretty and have alot of good qualities in you.. don't give up on anyone because I know that everyone seems to find a place in your heart.. well for the most part :o) heh.. my brother Kyle and his awesome girlfriend Ash for talking me through things step-by-step and making sure I'll always be okay. Even though I'm only 15 everyone older than me seems to make me fit in just right.

`-» Other journals: ][

Friends:9: admiredvic61, ash666, balir123, jordunlives, lulu15, redhotcheer56, sak5130, sexydancergirl, theb0bster
Friend of:9: admiredvic61, ash666, balir123, jhawkgirl, jordunlives, lulu15, redhotcheer56, sexydancergirl, theb0bster
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