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User:raz0r_kissez (512054)
Name:Left In The Dark

basics: Well my name is Ashley Nicole. Although almost everyone calls me Ash or Kahle for short. I was born on March 25, 1988. Which makes me 15 years old and an Aries. I have spent basically my whole life growing up here in Jackson, New Jersey. I don't exactly like it here but I love being close to my family and friends. Im currently a Sophomore at Jackson memorial high school. I enjoy working out, talking on the phone, shopping, going to the movies, and going to parties, going to the beach and most of all staying athletic, i do field hockey, swimming and lacrosse and in the summer im a lifeguard Looks: I stand 5'7 1/2"I have short blonde hair. My eyes are blue but, they tend to change colors. They usually stay a blueish green color but, sometimes they go to a bright green or to a bright blue it depends on my moods or what I am wearing. Weird huh? i have a pic if anyone would like to see! Personality:I am very outgoing and daring. I have a horrible problem with trusting people. I trust only my very close friends. I am very kind, honest, loving, and friendly. even if i dont know you im outgoing. If you get on my bad side I can be an extreme bitch though. I hate to be mean to people but, if you make me I will. It takes alot to bring out my mean side but, once you do you'll be sorry you ever did! Likes: candy, cuddling, cute things, field hockey, lacrosse, swimming, sponge bob, hello kitty, Disney movies, kisses, lipgloss, nice people, red roses, stickers, stuffed animals, late night walks, long talks, being with my best friend, tinker bell, the color yellow, code red, ice tea, root beer, Abercrombie and Fitch, American eagle, Hollister, aeropostale, being with people, stars, candles, lilo and stitch, finding nemo, iced coffee, smoothies, writing, decorating, valentines day, christmas, halloween, new years, ankle bracelets, sea shells, walking on the beach, summer, sunsets, necklaces, back massages, italian food Hates: abuse, assholes, backstabbers, being annoyed, bitches, clowns, deep water, drugs, fake people, liars, nosey people, rude people, sharks, smoke, spiders, wanna be's, whores, broken hearts, thunder, storms, cheaters, break ups, racism, jealous people, scratched cds, blood Future: I would like to go to college and become a nurse or a teacher for the handicapped and then after school i would like to find the man of my dreams and eventually get married. And also i wanna live where the weather is warm all year round and i want 2 kids a girl and a boy and a dog! Best Friends: I have threes best friends one I would consider my best friend and sister is heather we have been threw a lot but we always managed to pull things together and we always stick together I love ya Close Friends: like I said I have a problem with trusting people, there are very few people I can trust and they are Heather + Sarah + Dave +Louise + Pam + Steph + Leesa + Devin + Carl + Christopher + Ryan that's about it: x

Friends:10: aznbabygrrl, babyy_heatha, delici0us_x0, grandtheftsteph, hard_candies, jusblaze, just_a_girl25, lilgyn69, stiffies, wonda_gerl
Friend of:3: babyy_heatha, grandtheftsteph, hard_candies
Account type:Free User

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