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Below is information about the "rant-all-you-can" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:raving_rants (140358)
Location:everywhere, anywhere, Philippines


At last, a community dedicated to rants, raves, debates and hearty advices.
Before going through the procedure,please read the basic rules:

1. You are all allowed to rant about anything under the sun.
2. Except are not allowed to post some quiz results, please. If you're going to post one, please LJ-cut it.
3. Yes, fighting AND flaming are allowed only in this community. But please, that doesn't give you the privilege to bug the members in their own journals. If you gotta flame; flame here. Get it? But make sure your flaming's got sense. Hehehe.
4. If your entry's LONG, PLEASE make sure to lj-cut it, and if you have any graphics to post, lj-cut it as well.
5. And lastly, anything-goes, baby.

Thank you,
Maintained by velvet_wind

Interests:150: !, ?, adult discussion, advice, agnosticism, all races, anger, angst, animals, animation, anti-poseur, anti-social, anti-war, anyone, anything, arts, asians, biology, biracial, blah blah, bliss, books, bum, chemistry, civilization, cold, college, communism, couch potatoes, criticisms, cultures, cusses, cynic, cynicism, darkness, death, debates, depression, dickheads, diplomacy, eating, economics, education, emotions, enlightenment, environment, equality, experimental, fights, film noir, flaming, freedom, freedom of speech, frustrations, fuck you, geography, goths, graphic novels, hedonism, history, humanities, ideals, ideology, idiocy, illustration, immaturity, intellect, intelligence, introverts, journalism, journals, liberal arts, literature, loneliness, losers, love, maturity, memories, movies, multiracial, music, nature, new age, nonesense, novels, open-mindedness, opinions, optimism, ordinary people, otakus, outer space, parasites, parody, peace, people around the world, persona, personality disorders, pessimism, philosophers, philosophy, photography, play, playwrights, poetry, politics, psychology, psychotheraphy, punks, quotes, random shit, random thoughts, rants, rationality, raves, realism, rebirth, reformers, religion, satire, school, science, scientists, screams, self-mutilation, sentiments, sex, shadow, shit, shitheads, shout, silence, sleeping, social, sports, stereotypes, stupidity, subcultures, swear words, theatre, thingamajiggy, thinking, travel, university, videogames, visual arts, wandering, war, wastelands, whatever, zen
Members:134: 5ball, agp0402, alphareum, alt164, amandaamanda, andrea13, angrymoth, angstypenguin, anhemian, aquarian, ash_0_lee, askabby4help, aubrey_gurl24, babygirljade, bellyupgoldfish, bianx, bionic, blackmoon, blood_of_black, bluegingerjam, bottleofrum, br0kend011, bushwhore, celestial_moon, cheerupemokid1, chickensoup, chocnut, coconutsstuffie, cuteyssweety, cydyzyn, death_doll, decemberr, dirty_dancing, dreamhaze, emmybaby23, eviledancequeen, fierce_dot_com, garapata, girgirl68, grotesque_grace, guruinamuumuu, hamster_girl, happyfucker, her_mom_died, hexen_dia_yuvel, hf_blade, hypnotize_me, iaret_rai, ihatekatibrown, italianbellezza, i_of_suicide, jenafonica, jenlight, jodeck, jong, jstanothergirl, justbeingmexx, kafkaenthusiast, kakatuwa, kbfx, kittypal21, kodakmoment, krucialkeys10, l0ving_p0ntius, lastoracle, la_goata, livvylove, lovesickpuppy, lovesonlyhope, lucid_dreamz, maldita, marooon, megahan, melissaaa, metal_queen, mightybratwurst, miss_bitch, miss_nickz, mywarhole, new_voice, nonpunkpunker, no_business, omgsaddam, penthesilea, pepperella, pinkfluff, pirahna_fish, porcelain207, presea, psychoducky, purplecaphootie, rainbow_stars, raygodd, recycled, reeyuh1222, rena_is_me, rickcanada, rimbaud, rochtnlsd, rude_boy, saccharin, sadandlonely7, sarcastic_sista, sc0rpi0, sctaller, serabee, shallow_dreamer, shatterdchubax, silentscreamz, sj, something_to_do, starwindtears, stealthdante, stizarr, strange_insight, sunshower, tay_is_crazy, theatrefairy, thefool, thresholdtest, unit_21, unrealisticpain, un_doubted_07, utopiandream, velvet_wind, vicious_spike, violence, vodka_ice, witchbabycakes, xalisonx, xxobscurexx, zhai, _lostinadream_, _sexluver
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