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User:ravenclaw_rory (452975)
Name:Rory Brookshire
Location:United Kingdom
Bio:Cheerio! My name is Rory Brookshire, I hail from London, England, but I've lived many places, such as Devonshire, Greenwich, and also Scotland and Wales. Right now, though, I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, fifth year. I'm Muggle-born, which means my parents are non-magic. I have three best friend, Cho Chang, who is in my house, and Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley, both of Gryffindor.
Interests:94: animagus, azkaban, beaters, bertie bott's every-flavor beans, bloody baron, broomsticks, buckbeak, butterbeer, catching the snitch, centaurs, charms, chasers, cho chang, chocolate frogs, chudley cannons, crookshanks, cursing malfoy, daily prophet, dean thomas, dementors, diagon alley, dobby, dumbledore, fawkes, flitwick, floo powder, flying, ginny weasley, gryffindor, hagrid, harry potter, hedwig, hermione, hexes, hippogriffs, hogsmeade, hogwarts, honeydukes, hufflepuff, invisibility cloak, james and lily potter, jinxes, keepers, kingsley shacklebolt, lord voldemort, luna lovegood, lupin, mad-eye moody, magic, malfoy, marauder's map, mcgonagall, ministry of magic, moony, nearly headless nick, neville longbottom, owl post, owls, padfoot, parseltounge, patronuses, peeves, peter pettigrew, prongs, pumpkin juice, quidditch, ravenclaw, scabbers, seamus finnigan, shrieking shack, sirius black, slytherin, snape, sorcerer's stone, spells, the forbidden curses, the forbidden forest, the goblet of fire, the quibbler, the weasleys, thestrals, three broomsticks, tom riddle, tonks, treacle tart, triwizard tournament, wands, weasley's wizarding wheezes, whomping willow, wimbourne wasps, winning the quidditch cup, witches, wizards, wormtail
Friends:5: bookworm_mione, fiery_gin, gold_snitch_hp, irish_gryff, weasleyisking
Friend of:5: bookworm_mione, fiery_gin, gold_snitch_hp, irish_gryff, weasleyisking
Account type:Free User

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