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Below is user information for Rat. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:rat (61727)
Location:Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Bio:A maladjusted, dysfunctional being who can't decide quite what he wants to describe himself as in a biography section.

Alternative journal at :)

If you have a support question..

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- if all that fails, you can submit a question to the support forums ( where multitudes of volunteers can see it and will therefore try to assist you.

- post a question on my personal journal. I will not answer such requests anymore.

It is in your interests to heed this advice, believe it or not.
Memories:9 entries
Interests:104: "", aliens, alyson hannigan, amadeus, an-interest-no-one-else-has, andromeda, angel, anne rice, astrophysics, awk, b5, babylon 5, baileys, batman, brian lumley, bridgette fonda, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cardiff, catatonia, celebdaq, cerys matthews, charlie kaufman, cinema, clive barker, computers, coupling, dalnet, dark angel, david eddings, dilbert, dragonlance, dvds, emmanuelle béart, enterprise, films, futurama, garbage, gnome, gta3, hogs of war, icecream, irc, ircbar, jane fonda, java, kevin smith, kevin spacey, kindred, kirsten dunst, krycek, kylie minogue, linux, lotr, luc besson, morpheus, movies, mulder, music, neo, oreos, photography, physics, ps2, python, quantum leap, quotation marks, radiohead, reading, recovering chocoholics, redhat, sci fi, sci-fi, science fiction, scrapheap challenge, scrubs, scully, sg1, shirley manson, skinner, slackware, slashdot, spiderman, spike jonze, star trek, star wars, stargate, the handler, the matrix, the x files, the x-files, tim burton, trinity, tripping the rift, ultraviolet, unique interests, vampire willow, vampires, wales, x files, x-files, x-men, ximian,  another interest no-one else has  
Friends:33: abortretryfail, bertho, blu, blurty_hs, customization, dave_rainbow, debateforum, draconid, escapeintosleep, freedog, gwyn, helpscreening, ianiceboy, journaldesigns, journalreviews, kaston_iago, macdadg, moodthemes, moviereviews, movie_dorks, news, peskaa, poetictragedyx, raggedrose, southwalesgurrl, suggestions, support, supportlounge, tempest, thursday_next, userdoc, wishlist, _sacchi
Friend of:14: abortretryfail, bertho, blu, draconid, drow, escapeintosleep, freedog, ianiceboy, macdadg, peskaa, poetictragedyx, southwalesgurrl, tempest, _sacchi
Member of:13: banleetics, blurty_hs, debateforum, helpscreening, journaldesigns, moodthemes, moviereviews, movie_dorks, support, supportlounge, top50, userdoc, wishlist
Account type:Early Adopter

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