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Below is information about the "Random thoughts!" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:randomthoughts_ (292104)  
Name:Random thoughts!
Website:Maintainer's Journal
Location:United States
About:Hello, and welcome to the Random Thoughts community. Here you can post about anything that's on your mind. Don't hold back, JUST SAY ANYTHING!

Maintained by:

Interests:146: acting stupid, aim, air, annoying people, anti-social, aol, apathy, art, autumn, bananas, being alone, being amused, being naked, bisexuality, blinking, blurty, books, boredom, boys, breakfast, breathing, bubble baths, candles, candy, cds, chat rooms, clothes, colors, comments, concerts, crap like that, crazy thoughts, crushes, crying, dancing, dinner, dreaming, emo, emotions, everything, falling down, feeling left out, feeling loved, flowers, food, fridays, friends, fruits, fucking shit up, fun, garbage, gay boys, girls, glasses, grammar, grass, happiness, hate, having fun, her, heterosexuality, hugs, humor, ice cream, incense, indie, infatuation, internet, jokes, journals, late night chats, laughing, lesbians, libraries, life, like whoa, listening, literature, loud music, love, lunch, lyrics, mail, make up, making out, making things, me, miscellaneous, money, movies, mp3s, music, nail polish, new friends, not paying attention, nothing, online friends, orange juice, originality, pain, pajamas, parties, people, pet peeves, photography, pictures, poetry, poking, pondering, pop, popsicles, punk, questions, rain, random thoughts, randomness, reading, rock, romance, saturdays, sexuality, shampoo, shoes, showers, ska, sleeping, sleepovers, snacks, spring, staying up late, stuff, stupidity, summer, sun, things, thinking, tv, useless information, video games, wasting time, websites, weekends, weird stuff, winter, words, you
Members:59: 12_step_program, angrijani, bestofme_9, break_my_fall, broken_tank, bucephalous, daydreamer116, doodle724, enterthebear, euphorisme, forsakenlove, goldenchicken, goreygirl, greeneyes_x, his_she, hopeless_drmz, jr0ck, lisa13, littledork28, mbreault, meshy, misclola, misslexy, mudd_ngirl, muse_boy, mysterysunshine, n0_leaf_clover, natiaunie, new_voice, no_mercy, pinketnies, pinkphreek, pixiedragonfly, poetic_lisense, polka, psychomaniak666, psycogirl, pulverize, punkkidsk8r, punk_as_fuck, saipho, samie_xoxox, sarita, sats, sidxandxnancy, sourgummichild, subtledenial, suckerforakiss_, taketothesky, texasoutloud, theused23, tylerhiltonfan, urealizeihateu, veryxfickle, vivalajuicy, xpoeticangel, xxstubbygrubbsx, x_plicitsuicyde, _m0an
Watched by:16: bestofme_9, forsakenlove, goldenchicken, meshy, misslexy, muse_boy, mysterysunshine, pinkphreek, sarita, sats, sidxandxnancy, sourgummichild, taketothesky, texasoutloud, tylerhiltonfan, x_plicitsuicyde
Account type:Free User

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