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Below is user information for Ellen Cutcliffe. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:radio__cambodia (892435)
Name:Ellen Cutcliffe
Bio:If I hadn't made me,
I'dve fallen apart by now.
I won't let em' make me,
it's more than I can allow.
So when I make me, I won't be paper-mache.
And if I fuck me...I'll fuck me in my own way.

Marriage is love.
Interests:114: a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, afi, alanis morrisette, angelina jolie, anti-war, at the drive-in, australian accents, backstreet boys, beck, belts, blow, boy sets fire, boys, bracelets, brand new, cameras, candy, csi, cursive, dancing, david spade, dressing up, dvds, edward scissorhands, eisley, emails, equality, fenix tx, flogging molly, frou frou, fuel, further seems forever, girl interrupted, glasses, hair dye, hot hot heat, hot rod circuit, incubus, internet, irish accents, jay z, johnny depp, jumping in puddles, kissing, la senza, lenny kravitz, leopard print, marcy playground, matthew good band, mi6, modest mouse, movies, nemo, nintendo, no doubt, off by one, ok go, oldies, open hand, our lady peace, out of your mouth, over it, photography, pictures, pink hair, placebo, popsicles, pretty girls make graves, psychology, radiohead, rage against the machine, rainy days, red hot chilli peppers, rod stewart, romeo and juliet, saosin, saves the day, scarling, sex pistols, silverchair, skunks, smashing pumpkins, snoop dogg, something corporate, spongbob squarepants, stars hide fire, steve tyler, stickers, story of the year, sugarcult, summer, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the darkness, the getup kids, the guess who, the postal service, the tragically hip, the used, the wallflowers, the weekenders, third eye blind, thrifting, thunderstorms, thursday, tool, underwear, value village, wearing bunny ears, wendys, will and grace, will farrell, zippers.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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