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Below is user information for r0bErT's journal. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:r0b555666 (394149)
Name:r0bErT's journal
Location:United States
Interests:94: 40 below summer, a static lullaby, a thousand falling skies, acceptance, anthrax, armor for sleep, as i lay dying, biohazard, black label society, black sabbath, bleeding through, blood coven, blood has been shed, cameras, cannibal corpse, cars, coal chamber, cold, converge, corrin, death, depression, downthesun, electric guitar, enemys, every time i die, family guy, five pointe o, friends, from autumn to ashes, genocide, god forbid, guitar, hard rock, hate, hate breed, hatebreed, heavy metal, homicide, hot girls, iced earth, ill nino, jay and silent bob, jimi hendrix, kill switch engage, killswitch engage, killswitchengage, lacuna coil, lamb of god, law and order, life, life of agony, love, machine head, megadeth, metal, motograter, murder, new york, nothing stays gold, nothingface, overcast, overkill, pantera, pictures, poison the well, rock, sepultura, shadows fall, shattered realm, six ft ditch, slayer, sledge hammers, sneakerpimps, spineshank, static lullaby, stone sour, story of the year, stutter fly, stutterfly, suffocate faster, suicidal tendencies, suicide, sundown, sworn enemy, symphony x, the color red, throw down, throwdown, twiztid, unloco, worthlessness, writing, zakk wylde
Friends:6: 0xonlydreamleft, d3adbdyman, psychotic_saad, sews_mouth_shut, thebloodybreath, zizzy
Friend of:4: psychotic_saad, sews_mouth_shut, thebloodybreath, zizzy
Account type:Free User

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