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Below is information about the "Silent Confessions and Answers" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:quietconfession (35715)
Name:Silent Confessions and Answers
Hi, I'm dark_love and I run this community. It is a friends only journal. You can share your secrets and get advice here. Or just compain and rant and rave very secretly. It's up to you!!

I also have other communities

It's whatever you want it to be, but it isn't friends only. I have people now who are depressed and S.I. and what not. It's a decent place :)

Other communities to visit are:
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Interests:132: acting, adderall, africa, agnostic, angel, animals, art, asia, asthma, atheist, band, bang bang you're dead, basketball, biology, bisexual, black, blonde, blood, borderline personality, boyfriend, boys, candy, care bears, cars, cartoons, cats, celtic, cheerleading, chemistry, chocolate, christianity, clubs, college, compassion, computers, dark red, death, debate, depression, destruction, devil, disorders, doctor, drawing, dreams, edgar allen poe, eminem, fashion, fighting, fights, fishnets, food, friends, friendship, fun, games, girlfriend, girls, god, goth, gothic, government, hate, help, helping others, horror, hurt, jewlery, jocks, kids, korn, leather, little shop of horrors, love, manic depressives, marching band, masochisim, medicine, mental illness, mentally disabled, metal, metallica, murder, music, new orleans, new york, pagan, penis, plays, poe, poems, poetry, politics, prep, preppy, protest, reptiles, research, rocky horror picture show, sadisim, sadomasochisim, scary movies, school, school shootings, self harm, self injury, self mutilation, shakespeare, skater, snakes, softball, spiders, spikes, sports, stories, students, suicide, tainted thoughts, talking, tears, the princess bride, torcher, tragedy, trog, trust, violence, war, weird, wicca, witchcraft, wrestling, writing
Members:54: alecto, angelonhiatus, bloodshedtears, blustar, christmas_bitch, confusedsoul33, cracker_mafia, dark_love, dearest, death2thepixies, deathbed, demented_doll, dinguerie, ericbrame, eternalbleeding, evil_ryry, hawaiianloner, iamwutzwrong, icehottie2000, inyourarms, jamie_adhd, jaydeskye, kikiana, kissmytearsaway, lossofblood, madstyle, miss_weinerlips, mommat20, nocturnal007, numbness, parodyoflife, pixiestickadict, playwithknives3, problemchild, razor_tongue, sanrio, sexteen, shirilo, silentconfessor, simplysexy, spirit, starbeam, untouchable, weezercupcake, whatcameforth, wishingonstars, xbleedingheartx, xboundnbrokenx, xmellowgoddessx, xpadded_cellx, xsiberiankissx, xxxangelicxxx, yodelayhayhoo, _glowstick0_
Watched by:19: angelonhiatus, blustar, flyest_angel, iamwutzwrong, icehottie2000, inyourarms, jaydeskye, justajournal, madstyle, nocturnal007, parodyoflife, pixiestickadict, problemchild, shirilo, silentconfessor, spirit, xmellowgoddessx, xsiberiankissx, _glowstick0_
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