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Below is user information for Quiene Silmaril. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:quiene_silmaril (220989)
Name:Quiene Silmaril
Website:Faraway Eyes
Bio:I write, I read, I act, I listen to 60s rock and I probably belong in Rivendell. Sometimes my imagination gets the better of me and if I had one magic power it would be object manipulation. War is bad and George Harrison is good. I drink champagne too quickly, believe in faeries, play the Sims, wash the dog, goo goo g'joob and practice witchcraft.

And there is a brief introduction to the complexities of Quiene Silmaril. Now shine on, you crazy diamond.
Interests:75: 1960s, acting, adelaide hills, alastair mackenzie, anita pallenberg, anti-bush, anti-howard, anti-war, australian 60s rock, australian films, beetles, david wenham, dawn steele, dhani harrison, dreaming, dreams, ewan mcgregor, faeries, faeries oracle, fanfiction, felicity kendall, flower power, french revolution, george harrison, horse racing, jane asher, jefferson airplane, john lennon, julian lennon, labyrinth, liam neeson, long hair, lord of the rings, marianne faithfull, maureen cox, mick molloy, monarch of the glen, monty python, mr ed, old movies, olivia harrison, paganism, pattie boyd, paul eddington, paul mccartney, peace, penelope keith, poetry, police rescue, psychedelic rock, rainbow brite, richard briers, ringo starr, rob sitch, roleplay, runes, seachange, sir george martin, star wars, tengwar, the beatles, the british invasion, the d-generation, the good life, the hobbit, the rolling stones, the sims, the traveling wilburys, theatre, tolkien, tony martin, viggo mortensen, witchcraft, writing, yoko ono
Friends:1: lovespell99
Friend of:1: lovespell99
Member of:1: golden_slumbers
Account type:Free User

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