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User:queenxofxpain (46091)
Location:struthers, Ohio, United States
AOL IM:acr0sstheseax (Add Buddy, Send Message)

when i say that i am trying, will you believe me? or will you continue to sweep me under the rug, like some unwanted, dirty thing littering your floor, invading your perfect little world? will i find a song that fits your face again, one that doesn't make audible all the things that went wrong, but instead highlights the things that went as planned, however few they are in quantity? when can i start feeling again? when can i take this numbness and sweep it under the rug like you did with me, like you've done to so many other things? i am not a dirty, petulant speck that meets the bristles of your broom and the darkness under your rug. nor am i a pretty, mindless little thing you use as an accessory, feminine filigree for your hateful masquerade.

She turns and looks a moment in the glass,
Hardly aware of her departed lover;
Her brain allows one half-formed thought to pass:
'Well now that's done: and I'm glad it's over.'
When lovely woman stoops to folly and
Paces about her room again, alone,
She smooths her hair with automatic hand,
And puts a record on the gramophone.

- T.S. Eliot    "The Waste Lands."

Memories:2 entries
Interests:137: 80's hardcore, a clockwork orange, a fire inside, acoustic songs, activism, alkaline trio, anti-girliness, anti-homophobia, anti-trends, aquabats, bad religion, bikini kill, black flag, blatant honesty, breathing in rhythm, brian bell, built to spill, cardigans, cereal, circle jerks, clay aiken, concerts, condensation, crass, cursive, dave eggers, dead kennedys, dictionaries, dischord records, diversity, dumpster diving, e.e. cummings, early morning philosophy, el dicko!, electric magnolia co., existentialism, friendly hugs, fugazi, gin blossoms, glenn danzig, green day, greg graffin, guttermouth, guy picciotti, happy go licky, hearts, henry rollins, howie, html, ian mackaye, isaac brock, j.d. salinger, jawbreaker, johnie 3, jumping off things, justin sane, kieran culkin, kisses on the cheek, leftover crack, live songs, lusting, matt, mechanical pencils, melted plastic, mis-spellings, missing people, mocking emo kids, modest mouse, mogwai, mustard plug, not being hardcore enough, obscene language, old good charlotte, old saves the day, paint shop pro, paper clip logistics, partial vegetarianism, perverse humor, photography, pining, placebo, pop culture, pro-gay, pro-racial equality, pseudo-emo boys, puddle jumping, q and not u, rainbows, rites of spring, shaggy hair, sharpie markers, shows, shy & quiet boys, skanking in the rain, sluttering, social distortion, songs: ohia, spiral bound notebooks, squirrel nut zippers, stalking, stars, stealing people's trash, straight edge movement, surrealism, t.s. eliot, talk sex with sue, teen idles, ten count fall, the ataris, the concieted, the cramps, the damned, the eels, the exploited, the misfits, the pixies, the ramones, the rentals, the slits, the smiths, the unseen, the walkmen, thinking, thrift stores, tiger army, tight-knit groups, total chaos, tsol, ugly casanova, uk subs, unrequited love, vintage, walking, wandering, waxwing, writing, zines
Friends:14: as0litaryech0, botched, dirty_rotter, empressemiaj, frozenwelast, grrlplunk, myage, myxbeatsyouro, nocturnalmorte, she_was_armed, supersexysweeti, wordsandreams, _137, _division
Account type:Early Adopter

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