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User:queenofclubs (138310)
Name:Queen of Clubs
Bio:Ministry of Magic Classified Files

Pilar Burke

The King's Deck

The Queen of Clubs


Both parents were murdered - only she survived

She is an only child

Her personality is picky, fussy and nervous.

The person she values most is a brother or sister.

What she values most is friendship.

She generally feels about people - people are untrustworty - don't depend on anyone

Her most valued possession is a piece of jewellry

Age 17 Entered the Auror Academy, sponsored and mentored by Bartemius Crouch Sr.

Age 18 Befriended William Weasley as they both studied the curses of Ancient Egyptian Tombs

Age 19 Held hostage for 5 months

Age 20 Nothing special happened

Age 21 Lost 500 galleons to gambling debt

Age 22 Made an enemy: ex-friend, just don't like the other, they hate you, the injured party will ignore the other, they have no-one to back them up

Age 23 Nothing special happened

Age 24 Sationed in Madagascar and befriended locals

Age 25 Happy love affair

Age 26 Nothing special happened

Age 27 Lover mysteriously vanished

Age 28 Nothing special happened

Age 29 Brought back with the old team

((Background information is set up like the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG system))
Friends:163: alluringevil, always_at_odds, always_spunky, ambitiousabbott, arnold_dedrago, atropos_, a_little_crazy, a_oxymoron, a_rising_power, behind_sad_eyes, blackjoker, blondegryff, blonde_protege, blood_lust, blueraven, boom_crash, boys_beware, brave_fool, breakingsticks, bronzeeagle, celes_sinis, cho_chang, clotho_, cracked_bell, crazymudblood, cry_scarlet, cursebreaker, darkhallways, dark_heir, dark_snape, divine_lavender, dobby_socks, doubledealing, dragontamer, eldest_red_head, evil_red_hair, excitable, eye_in_a_bottle, father_strange, finnigan_daddy, flashy_gryff, flaxengryff, forgetment, forgotten_name, fun_party_boy, glidingraven, gypsy_moon, happy_huffle, happy_lips, hardasflint, headmastralbus, hell_fire, historyofmagic, hit_abuser, hufflegirl, hufflepuff_beth, hufflepuff_elle, ickle_ron, incorruptible, irish_kate, jaded_winter, julian_montague, just_a_dandy, just_a_pup, just_a_rat, kevine, know_it_all, kreacher, lachesis_, ladynarcissa, lady_parkinson, lcapulet, leonpuff, lil_navon, lionchaser, long_lost_pal, lost_cause, lost_ruby, loudnclear, loving_scholar, lying_in_wait, mbaddock, miss_abbott, mod7th_des, mod7th_jeans, mod7th_meg, mod7th_nanarin, mod7th_rain, mother_lion, mr_parkinson, neverlasting, never_satisfied, night_call, notastrawberry, not_a_boy, not_for_sale, not_snivellus, no_pushover, odd_one_out, ofsilvernmoons, orla_quirke, paintedtoes, petite_veela, poison_star, prefectjustin, prof_sinistra, prof_vector, purelyh2o, queenofclubs, quidditchgod, quill_ready, raging_navon, ravenclaw_jishi, raven_singer, redhead_susan, rising_phoenix, scarletseeker, secondbestest, seeker_higgs, seeking_life, sfinnigan, shackledking, shira_hime, short_fuse, sillyslytherin, silversungod, simmering, sinfulslytherin, skatewizard, slight_accent, slithrngserpent, slytherinpride, slytherinqueen, slyth_gone_mad, snapshot_, snobette, spoiled_prat, stamp_fiend, sweetdeceit, tattletale, thats_just_bull, thecleverone, theprettyone, theseventhyear, the_favourite, the_keeper, the_malfoy, the_tolerant_1, the_worshipper, tomasnott, uberslut, unsafe_desire, wears_the_pants, weaselette, weasel_bandaid, white_in_black, whosaschizo, windsurfingravn, wistfulalumni, young_elite, zorya_wyndham, zrookwood, _chasingdreams
Friend of:26: blondegryff, celes_sinis, cho_chang, divine_lavender, dragontamer, forgotten_name, hufflegirl, ickle_ron, irish_kate, lachesis_, ladynarcissa, lost_cause, mod7th_des, orla_quirke, prof_sinistra, prof_vector, queenofclubs, redhead_susan, rising_phoenix, sfinnigan, shira_hime, short_fuse, sweetdeceit, sweet_poison, theprettyone, weaselette
Member of:6: diagon7th, hogsmeade7th, hogwarts7th, ministry7th, owlpost7th, theseventhyear
Account type:Early Adopter

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