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User:quee (544707)  
Location:Ontario, Canada
MSN Username:If you can find me, I'm here.
Bio:Character Profile a friend wrote about me for a Drama Class:

Subject is tall, probably around 5'8, and thin, with thick, waist-length blonde hair. Her posture is very good when sitting and learning - back straight, feet tucked under her chair. Toes of her right foot rest on the floor, heel facing upwards while left foot balances on the erect heel of her right foot. Subject usually sits still while being lectured or taking a lesson. Her hands rarely move while listening - right elbow often rests on the desk with her chin cupped in her right hand. Her eyes wander at times, and she yawns often when she hasn't had enough sleep, which occurs frequently. While sitting on the floor or on a couch, the subject usually crosses her legs in front of her.

The Subject usually dresses comfortably in jeans and loose fitting t-shirts or sweaters, generally brightly coloured and sometimes with theatre or music related slogans. Occasionally, Subject will wear a knee-length skirt. Subject is almost always found to be wearing a striped scarf.

The Subject has a medium-high vocal pitch, and quite a pleasant voice, particularly on the phone. Her tone has a somewhat musical ring to it. Subject speaks very quickly when excited, irritated, or flustered, and waving of arms will often accompany the rapid speech. Often, when Subject is excited or happy, she will randomly break into song, regardless of whether or not she is in public. The topics of Subject's conversation often include musical theatre. She does not have an accent, is almost always gramatically correct, and seldom has special word emphasis. When speaking regularly, Subject enunciates very, very well. Although the Subject uses words and dialogue very well, she often says the most with her rather interesting and entertaining facial expressions.
Interests:27: art, avocados, bernadette peters, chocolate, colm wilkinson, dead like me, georges seurat, gilligan's island, green tea, gregory maguire, harry potter, into the woods, les miserables, life of pi, mandy patinkin, musical theatre, remus lupin/sirius black, rent, shakespeare, stephen sondheim, sweeny todd, the golden girls, the little prince, the princess bride, the secret garden, theatre, will and grace
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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