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User:qlossyliipsz (402259)

aBoUt tHe pRiNcEsS !

my name is Madison most people call me Maddy ; i'm 16 years old i will be 17, March 28, 2004 thank you very much! i have me a man ; Mark ilywamh!! "i gotta boyfriend now" - eve ; gotta man ; touch him and i will PERSONALLY fuck your ass up * he's MY baby daddy forever and mother fucking ALWAYS -- ask him! .. he agrees! // anyways i have a sister her name is Elizabeth she is 20 years old she has a daughter Josalyn -- the little girl i live for<3 she's 5 years old ; born August 8, 1998 // Favorite Color -- pink // lavender // babyblue // neon orange. i have my bestest friend in the whole WIDE world ; Mary -- she's my girl forever! she's always there and ily girliee.. when you need something just call!

O8//1O//O3 - fOrever!

Mark -- ilysfm ; if i was to lose you idk what i'd do or where i'd be! you're my baby daddy, mhm lol "you're the man i think know im gon' love forever" - eve ; gotta man -- my perfect song to you baby im never gonna leave and i know i messed up before but all GREAT relationships have there bad times

Friends:10: brians_engel, c0ckyone, hottnwildhoney, lillekzie, lozerfreek, mmm_melly, soxlastsummer, urblinkgirly, _pimplimp, __d0rkl0ver
Friend of:6: brians_engel, hottnwildhoney, lillekzie, soxlastsummer, sweetxseducti0n, __d0rkl0ver
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