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Below is user information for QitQat. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:qitqat (895674)
Interests:131: african culture, african folk tales, alicia keys, ancestors, aromatherapy, art, artistry, artsy journals, ausar (osiris), auset (isis), barry white, beading, being, black, black culture, black people, butterflies, chaka kahn, charles de lint, chinese food, conscious hiphop, consciousness, craftsmanship, crazy horse, creativity, creeks, crystals, dance, dead can dance, design, diana krall, dragonflies, dragons, drawing, dreaming, ellegua, erykah badu, essential oils, fantasy, fela kuti, femi kuti, floetry, forests, frangipani and myrrh, frankincense, frogs, funkadelics, gardening, george clinton, godiva chocolate, green man, guitar, gypsy kings, harriet tubman, herbal lore, heru, horned god, isaac hayes, jazz, jill scott, journaling, ka ba, kitaro, krs-one, ladybugs, lilacs, lonnie liston smith, malcolm x, malik shabazz, marcus garvey, massage, maxwell, me'shell ndegeocello, medicine cards, meditation, metaphysics, michael franti, mountains, mythology, nag champa, nappy hair, nat turner, natacha atlas, natural hair, nature, neopets, neosoul, nona gaye, obeah, orishas, pagans, pan, parliament, pathworking, pegasus, pixies, pizza, poetry, r&b, reading, reggae, robert crumb, rockhound, roots, roy ayers, sade, sage bundles, sandalwood, santeria, sci-fi, scrapbooking, scrying, shamanism, shiva, short stories, soap making, soulmates, spirituality, spyro gyra, stationery, stevie wonder, strong motherly women, tree of life, trees, various flutterbys, voodoo, web design, wise old ones, witches, writing, yemaya
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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