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Below is user information for Dani. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:punklgothlchick (243728)  
Location:king of prussia, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:punkrockfever5 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:My names dani and i'm a biexual chic from pennsylvania. King o' prusia is ike a big mall parking lot that is really fucking boringand the people in my school suck ass except for a good bit whom are my friends. My life is a big pot of shit, heck i have no life i jus kinda sit on the computer like all day and paint my nails and listen to industrial music and punk rock and heavy metal but ah its all good.

Interests:143: 4skins, 50 cent, 98 mute, a.b.h, all, anarchy, and more, angelic upstarts, ani difranco, anthrax, anti-pasti, antidote, apoptygma berzerk, ataris, bad brains, bad religion, banner of hope, battalion 86, black flag, blanks 77, blitz, bondage, box car racer, boy sets fire, butthole surfers, chaos uk, cheap sex, clit45, coal chamber, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, cold, communism, crass, crstal method, dead kennedys, death by stereo, defiance, deftones, devils brigade, devotchkas, discharge, discocks, disorder, downset, dropkick murphys, edges of seven, english dogs, erase errata, expelled, good charlotte, guttermouth, hallucinogen, hed(pe), hot hot heat, hot rod circuit, hot water music, iggy&the stooges, jackoff jill, jewel, johnny thunders, korn, lars fredriksen&the bastards, leftover crack, less than jake, lower class brats, marilyn manson, metallica, midtown, millencolin, mindless self indulgence, necromantix, new found glory, nin, nirvana, nofx, op.ivy, osker, oxymoron, part chimp, pennywise, pink floyd, playsation2, professional murder music, pulley, radiohead, rage against the machine, raised fist, ramones, rancid, randy, return to mono, s&m, self destruct, sham 69, siouzsie and the banshees, skrewdriver, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, starting line, suicide, swearing at motorists, system of a down, tapeworm, the adverts, the beatsteaks, the bouncing souls, the business, the buzzcocks, the casualties, the catheters, the cranberries, the descendents, the dick spikie, the distillers, the doors, the electric eels, the hives, the hunches, the international noise conspiracy, the misfits, the only ones, the raincoats, the slackers, the slits, the undertones, the unseen, the varukers, the warlocks, the weirdos, the yeah yeah yeahs, tori amos, u.s. bombs, union 13, vanessa carlton, velvet acid christ, vibrators, virus, vnv nation, voodoo glow skulls, wire, x-ray spex, zwan
Friends:1: kaoskidnicky
Friend of:1: snohangel
Account type:Free User

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