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Below is user information for I HEART THAT. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:punkcliche (161747)
Website:My Summer Pics
Location:Alexandria, Virginia, United States
AOL IM:I HEART THAT (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:IHeartPunkBoys7 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio: yada
and yada
Interests:94: accents, adam brody, bam margera, blink 182, boxcar racer, boys, bracelets, brazil, burned cds, chuck taylors, chucks, coke, collages, concerts, converse, crowd surfing, cyrus bolooki, dancing, dashboard confessional, dickies, diy, drive thru records, drive-thru records, emo, empire records, eyeliner, fiction, garage bands, ghetto fab punk, good charlotte, hoodies, hot hot heat, kissing, laughing, laundry detergent, less than jake, letters, lip gloss, makeovers, mix tapes, mohawks, molly ringwald, mosh pits, music, musicals, nelly furtado, new found glory, nfg, no doubt, notebooks, orlando bloom, patches, poetry, pretty in pink, prozac nation, punk, punk rock, rain, rancid, running, sand, sarcasm, shopping, signs, simple plan, singing, skate park, skateboarding, soco, soda, something corporate, spanish, steel train, taking back sunday, target, the 80s, the beach, the benjamins, the breakfast club, the disney channel, the donnas, the early november, the o.c., the oc, the simpsons, the spin doctors, the starting line, the x games, thunderstorms, tony hawk, trading, trapt, travis barker, writing
Friends:46: adeline, angry_voices, benji_luvs_tony, brokenkiss, catliketheif07, cheese_cracker, cynicalchick234, distant_eyes, dorkyxcorky, doyourfeethurt, dressed_2_kill, fearofthelight, hate2me_x, heartofglass, hellorockview, indulgence_, in_my_eyes, i_love_chris, joyrule, l0veme, laffalot, lysha, mechanic, moonxshadow, nfgpunkgirl24, oh_wow_its_amy, onlywords, pr3ttyfulld0rk, runninggl, sayinggoodbye, slimly, staremo, starslight, stinapie, sweetgarlic, sycophant, thelovesong, toxic__waste, truelyurangel82, winter_fresh, xbrokenstars, xchicax, xoxrosebudxox, xoxsunshinexox, _forgot, _void
Friend of:46: 2broken, adeline, angry_voices, benji_luvs_tony, catliketheif07, cynicalchick234, dorkyxcorky, doyourfeethurt, dressed_2_kill, fearofthelight, festivals0ng, gluedsafetypins, hate2me_x, heartofglass, hellorockview, honeyfrii, indulgence_, in_my_eyes, i_love_chris, l0veme, laffalot, mechanic, moonxshadow, nfgpunkgirl24, oh_wow_its_amy, onlywords, pr3ttyfulld0rk, preciouzz_thonq, runninggl, sayinggoodbye, sexuality_, slimly, staremo, starslight, stinapie, studd, sweetgarlic, sycophant, thelovesong, toxic__waste, t_a_t_u, xbrokenstars, xchicax, xobsessionx, xoxsunshinexox, _forgot
Member of:34: 80s_freaks, alternativemail, broken_sound, claim_a_book, claim_a_cock, claim_a_hottie, claim_a_soul, claim_my_body, drive_thru, emolyrics, emomart, ficpressmembers, ghettopunks, hoodiewhores, junkbox, lay_me_out, lyrics, makingamixtape, musictrade, notebook_pals, penpals, poppunkemo, punkettes__, ratedxaddicts, soco_kids, surveysluts, theoc, unknown_disc, xadorexadamx, xxxtheocxxx, _claim_a_song_, _detention, _lyrics_, _thrifty
Account type:Early Adopter

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