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Below is user information for Borderline On Insanity. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:punk_xxx (248378)
Name:Borderline On Insanity
Location:nhp, New York, United States
Bio:Outgoing, loud, punk, deepthinker (I think)lol, I write songs, play the guitar, very opinionated, crazy, in love, somewhat pessimistic, depressed in a hating of life kinda way, I can be the rudest person you know or I can be the niest person you know. Here's a hint for you....don't get on my bad side and don't piss me off.

To find yourself, think for yourself

Alot of the bullshit I write in here.....plz don't take i too seriously. Most of the shit in here is opinions. That's what it's here for. My opinions on differnet shit that are in, have affected, or I felt like saying in my life.

Eh you'll find out more about me when you read my god damn read it biotch!
Interests:53: agent m, black and white pictures, blondie, dead boys, dead kennedys, east bay ray, flirting, foo fighters, freak clothing store, gc, hanging around the town, hanging with my friends, hellcat records, jack johnson, jello biafra, joe strummer, johnny rotten, karen o, lars fredrickson, listening to punk, mest, no doubt, nyc, patti smith, photography, piercings, poetry, punkcore records, ramones, rancid, shakespeare, sid and nancy, sid vicious, sire records, ska music, slc punk, stage crew!, talking to people, tattoos, the beatles, the casualties, the clash, the cure, the devotchkas, the distillers, the misfits, the sex pistols, the strokes, the villiage, tim armstrong, urban outfitters, vinatage clothing and pictures, yeah yeah yeahs
Friends:5: grlfriend54, insecurelozer88, lover4you, xxanti_youxx, _distillers
Friend of:2: insecurelozer88, xxanti_youxx
Member of:2: _distillers, _distillers_
Account type:Free User

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