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Below is user information for .some pulp fiction.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:punk_rock_poser (112749)
Name:.some pulp fiction.
Website:My GreatestJournal [GET ONE]
Bio:"Punk is not a fashion, not a trend, it's a lifestlye. It's an attitude. Something that people will never understand."-ME


Interests:98: adio, anti-bush, anti-flag, apple pirates, april, army clothes, art webb 1986, baker, bam bam, bam margera, blink 182, bollocks, brandon dicamillo, brendan margera, bright eyes, british slang, camelot, cameras, camp kill yourself, chris pontius, chris raab, cinema, cky, cky 3, cky 4, cky documentary, cky2k, combat boots, conor oberst, dc, dory, duff, dvds, element, etnies, excusesbite, film, finding nemo, flip, friends, george clooney, hoofbite, infamous green villans, jack sparrow, jackass, jackie brown, jackson, jenn rivell, jes margera, jess jess, johnny depp, johnny knoxville, kerry getz, kung fu movies, matt damnon's cousin, monty python, movie scripts, movies, my magical apple, natural born killers, norma jean, operation ivy, party boy, path, paul pontius, phil, pirate, pirates, plonker, preston lacy, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, raab, raab himself, rake yohn, rancid, random hero, renaissance raab, reservoir dogs, rick kosic, ryan dunn, skateboarding, spazbite, spy, statue, steveo, story of the year, superheros, the ataris, the clash, the hole, the ramones, they might be giants, uma thurman, vhs, viva la bam, war, yellow track suits
Friends:16: absolutpixie, ad0rkablepunk, bleedingheretic, carryswoops, heartbr8kr, kiddvicious84, noimnot, onxthexouts, punk_rock_poser, shatteredglass, silent_dork, thrubeincool, unzippedbutton, w0otw0ot, young_hopeless1, _sxe_chick_
Friend of:66: absolutpixie, ad0rkablepunk, alyxthexgreat, bad_kitten, bampampow, benjilover, benjis_eyeliner, benji_luvs_tony, benji_owns_me, berb1189, bloodyxr0mance, bondage420, bordumspazkid55, broken_life, carryswoops, colawhore, dont_read_me, drugs_kill13, eightees_hart, finished, ghetto_eskimo, gluedsafetypins, heartbr8kr, hit_or_miss, ibabyxgurli, iconfusedi, i_love_to_riot, justan0thergirl, knock_out_bitch, littleunsxsuck, marejaney, matt_lovato_, mestfcker, myusernamerules, nekronaut, nitemareb4xmas7, noimnot, nothinq, pink987654321, punkie_fish, punk_rock_poser, shatteredglass, shellopia, sk8terboi, slimette, smelly_toes, sniperx, star_n0_star, storyofagirl, thrubeincool, toastfucker, trixiegrrrl, w0otw0ot, xabrokenheartx, xavril_is_punkx, xconfuzzledx, xjillianx, xpardonxmex, xxbloodyromance, xxdevilsangelxx, xxrejectxx, xxxlilloserxxx, x_carrymeaway_x, yourbestlie, _sour, __stitches
Member of:31: addmedamnit, adopt_a_rocker, aleesha_ness, blurtymakeovers, blurty_marriage, breakfastxclub, broken_sound, claimage_fun, claimasexybeast, claimursinger, claimyourband, claim_a_band, claim_a_guitar, claim_a_hottie, claim_a_soul, claim_a_word, claim_me, claim_my_body, cool_enough, drive_thru, fuck_aim, fuct_up_kids, lovato_love, maddenlovatorgy, mest_up, parental_haters, r0ckstarxclaimz, rocking_claims, rock_icons, werethecatsmeow, _claim_a_song_
Account type:Early Adopter

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