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User:psylent11 (77831)  
Location:Waverly, New York, United States
AOL IM:woodinator11 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hi My Name Is Tonya McClernon. I live In A Small Town Called Waverly Where There's Nothing To Do.
I Love To Hang Out With My Friends And I Have A Passion For Writing. I Live At Home For The Time Being With My 'Rents And My Little Bro Who Will Be Leaving For The Army In March. I Love My Kitty "Squirt", She Is So Precious. I Have A Wonderful Best Friend Who I Miss Very Much Named Jason And A Boyfriend Named Jay. I Like To Go Out And Dance, Have Fun...I'm Sure You'll Hear Plenty About That... ;)
Interests:149: 4 wheeling, 50 cent, american eagle, american pie, anatomy and physiology, anti-quizilla, ashton kutcher, bacardi silver, bagels, barbies, bars, basketball, battle of the sexes, beaches, being scared, best friend(s), blue, bonus card, books, boxer briefs, boyfriends, bring it on, bsbg, burnt matches, butterflies in the stomach, cabins, camping, candles, cards, cars, cds, cheerleading, chevys, chocolate, christmas, cities, computers, coolwater for women, cowboy hats, dancing, dark eyes, darts, dirty minds, ears, fires/campfires, flowers, football, garlic, gazing, ghosts, girlfriends, halloween, hiking, holding hands, hugs from behind, icecream, jay, jean skirts, jello, jokes, josh harnett, journals, karaoke, kate and leopold, kids, kisses, kitties, labatts, laughing, leopard, lights out, lip gloss, lips, little orphan annie, long walks, lotion, love, love letters, madonna, makeup, malls, meg ryan, middle finger, models, money, montel williams, movies, mowing the grass, mtv, mud, muscles, music, necks, op, painted toenails, parties, pda's, pennies, phones, pictures, pillows, pizza, poetry, ponds, popsicles, puffy clouds, reading, remember the titans, roasting marshmallows, roller blades, rollercoasters, romance, root beer, rose petals, running, sandra bullock, saturday, screwdrivers, sex, short shirts, sleeping, smiles, stars, strippers, summer, sun tanning, sunglasses, sunsets, surprises, tackeling, talking, teddy bears, texas, that 70's show, thongs, tight pants, toe socks, tounge piercings, trampolines, traveling, victoria's secret, video games, water, weddings, winks, woods, working out, wrestling matches at home, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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