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User:pseudonymity (861712)
Location:Hanover, Maryland, United States
AOL IM:WeGaveUp (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Poison_My_LoLi_Pop (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:[It seems as if you stumbled upon one of my online journals one way or another...heh. I hope you're not expecting much, for I'm not one to entertain. Well...either way...Greetings, whomever you may be! I can't say I exactly WELCOME you...presumably you're a complete stranger. Oh well, I suppose that's not going to stop me from allowing you a minute peek into my personal life and sharing my mild thoughts, feelings, beliefs, random ramblings, ranting--blah blah blah, with you. Actually, I'm only doing this because I have several hand written diaries and journals and I never seem to finish I decided to try something new. Maybe I can figure myself out through this "new experience" (well, not so much any longer)...hah, I haven't thus far...but oh well, that can be a good thing...on some planet. Maybe you can figure me out. Yeah...I meant to make this brief...see there's another thing that's wrong with me...I have a problem with summarizing. Yeah, this is your warning right here, I write too damn much.]

|This shall be my fifth journal.
I created this journal with the intent of it serving to be an anonymous means to vent about things. Around me, about me...things on a more personal/intimate level than I care to reflect in my other journals, basically because I don't expect anyone I associate to actually find this journal. I just needed a means of expression without the dissection of opinions and heavy breathing upon the back of my neck.

Eh...unfortunately when makng this journal, I didn't make much of an effort to remain completely anonymous--and I probably will become worse as time goes by, simply because I don't have anything to hide--but desire the privacy anyhow. If my privacy is thus invaded, by someone I associate on a normal basis. So be it. ^.^

I'm well aware of the "dangers" of posting personal information online.

Lately, I've felt the need to sit back...formulate my thoughts, and try to figure my life out at current moment, everyone has that right....

Interests:150: adrenaline, aminals, animal crackers, anime, appreciation, art, atmosphere, attractive tattoos, being idiotic....o.o;, being occupied, being perturbed, being pierced, belligerence, björk, blood, bodices, body language and movement, body movement, butterflies, calligraphy, calming sounds, candles, carbohydrates, cartoon sushi, charcoal, cheese, chick liquor, chicks, chinese zodiac, christina ricci, cloud watching, colors, combat boots, comfort, consolation, constellations, constructiveness, corsets, cracking bones, daniel johns, dark lighting, decisiveness, definable characteristics, deja vu, different cultures, different perspectives, different senses, drawing, dream translations, dreaming, dudes, emotions, etiquette, evening to nightly walks, expanding horizons, experiences, expression, eye juice, eye lashes, eyes, fear, feeling intelligent, feeling refreshed, fellatio, fetishes, final fantasy, finger nails, finger prints, fishnet, fruit, gaudy jewelry, good company, good movies, good puns, gummi bears, gypsy skirts, hair, harmless mockery, healing, hearses, hidden talent, horoscopes, humorous personalities, hyperactivity, imagination, indecisiveness, india ink, intelligent discussions/arguments, juicy fruit, kick boxing, kiefer sutherland’s sexy voice, late night conversations, laughing, learning, liquid television, lucky charms, make-up, marvin the martian, monochromatics, mythology, nature, new experiences, people watching, perturbing others, pez, photography, physical interaction, piercing, pleasant emotions, pleasurable pain, preacher, psycho-analyzing, psychological disorders, psychology, randomness, reading good books, recent discoveries, root beer, saliva, scenic atmospheres, sensations, serial killers, short films, showers, silver, slumber, snarling, speed racer, stabbing pin cushions, staring contests, stars, tank girl, the human mind, the open minded, tigers, underachievers, unpredictability, unrestrained imagination, veils, veins, versatility, video games, vincent kalthieser, violation, voices, water soluble oil pastels, weight loss, western zodiac, winona ryder. astrology, wit
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Account type:Free User

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