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Below is user information for DUCK n' COVER. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:progressx (94314)
Location:Florida, United States
Bio:every breath that i take is forgotten and i hold on as tight as i can. and there's something about this tension when this argument stands. every time that i think that it's over, we're just closer than ever before i don't even know why we're fighting, yes, it's true i adore you.

reptitions turned me blue and all of my thoughts are dead... all my thoughts are true, of what i said to you. it seems so much like home right now. i can see you with your back to the wall, i will be there when you finally fall.

i got no goodbye. but there's no use for crying, its the story of my life. nothing left to say, no holding back can't seem to stomach this heart-attack. what could you say? well it ain't right.

the best day of my life is all thanks to you, precious remembrance saved for rainy days on a february. few scenes from my life where moments mean more to me, than our fine nights. i remember like yesterday, the time of my life. please don't leave me without saying goodbye.

sweetheart, hold you so tight it would break my arms. why can't you see? two fools in love, we were meant to be.

lie awake, wondering, if things could have been much different. second chance, what's become of a friendship if you can call this one? stayed in touch, stood behind, while i gave you space and you invade mine.

Interests:120: aim, alkaline trio, all thats left, andy jackson, aol sucks, badtz maru, belts, benton falls, best friends, bigwig, black and white, blossom, blue's clues, box car racer, bracelets, brand new, breaking pangaea, bubbles, buttercup, cat like theif, cd burner, cd's, close friends, converse, dickies, dklimb, drive thru records, elliot, eulogy records, everything, express, fall out boy, far, flyers, friends, further seems forever, giraffes, glassjaw, good charlotte, h2o, headphones, hewlett-packard, homegrown, hoodies, hot rod circuit, hurley, internet, jamba juice, jimmy eat world, kazaa, lambs, local bands, local shows, love, lucky boys confusion, mad caddies, mandy moore, merch-direct, mighty mighty bosstones, mp3's, music, mxpx, my cat, my house, my idol, nailpolish, never heard of it, nhoi, no drinking, no drugs, paul walker, piebald, play station 2,, power of the vitamins, progress, ratfe, rawr, recover, reel big fish, refused, roar, rx bandits, save ferris, senses fail, shindig, ska, skanking, sleep, snapcase, socks, something corporate, sparta, star wars, steel train, stereos, straight edge, summer, sxe, the early november, the exit, the factory, the glass house, the movielife, the pharmacist, the power puff girls, the reunion show, the sims, the starting line, the stryder, the used, tmms, tom delonge, tsl, two hand touch, unsung zeros, vagrant records, word, wrist bands, your day strong
Friends:22: agesixracer, all_things_rock, angela, brandnew, die_avril_die, drive_thru, emo_kids, end3r, fadingentity, fallingpictures, feel_so_callous, girlswithedge, ihateyoureyes, jadedbliss, no_seatbelt, punkrockgurl87, shakeitlove, staywithme, xedgextilxdeath, xtremeloser182, _brighteyes, __startingline
Account type:Early Adopter

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