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Below is user information for Celestine Sinistra. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:prof_sinistra (54858)
Name:Celestine Sinistra

[[Just a Note: This is a purely fictional RP (role playing) character by the name of Celestine Sinistra and I am by no means her. (Please not the word "fictional"). I should also mention that I am not Monica Bellucci nor do I work for her, ect. I also do not in any way, shape or form own or am the wonderful J.K. Rowling. This character is part of a Game that is for recreational purposes only.]]
Friends:182: alluringevil, always_at_odds, always_spunky, ambitiousabbott, arnold_dedrago, atropos_, a_bit_bumbling, a_little_crazy, a_oxymoron, a_rising_power, behind_sad_eyes, blackjoker, blondegryff, blonde_protege, blood_lust, blueraven, boom_crash, boys_beware, brave_fool, breakingsticks, bronzeeagle, celes_sinis, cho_chang, clotho_, cracked_bell, crazymudblood, cry_scarlet, cursebreaker, darkhallways, dark_heir, dark_snape, divine_lavender, dobby_socks, doubledealing, dragontamer, eldest_red_head, evil_red_hair, excitable, eye_in_a_bottle, fama, father_strange, fides, finnigan_daddy, flashy_gryff, flaxengryff, forgetment, forgotten_name, fun_party_boy, glidingraven, gypsy_moon, happy_huffle, happy_lips, hardasflint, headmastralbus, hell_fire, historyofmagic, hit_abuser, hogsmeade7th, hogwarts7th, hufflegirl, hufflepuff_beth, hufflepuff_elle, ickle_ron, incorruptible, irish_kate, jaded_winter, julian_montague, just_a_dandy, just_a_pup, just_a_rat, kevine, knockturn7th, know_it_all, kreacher, lachesis_, ladynarcissa, lady_parkinson, lcapulet, leonpuff, lil_navon, lionchaser, long_lost_pal, lost_cause, lost_ruby, loudnclear, loving_scholar, lying_in_wait, malfoy_esquire, mbaddock, miss_abbott, mod7th_des, mod7th_jeans, mod7th_meg, mod7th_nanarin, mod7th_rain, mother_lion, mr_parkinson, neverlasting, never_satisfied, night_call, nonparlare, notastrawberry, not_a_boy, not_for_sale, not_snivellus, no_pushover, odd_one_out, ofsilvernmoons, orla_quirke, owlpost7th, paintedtoes, papa_patil, petite_veela, poison_star, prefectjustin, prof_sinistra, prof_vector, purelyh2o, queenofclubs, quidditchgod, quill_ready, raging_navon, ravenclaw_jishi, raven_singer, redhead_susan, riding_high, rising_phoenix, scarletseeker, secondbestest, seeker_higgs, seeking_life, sfinnigan, shackledking, shira_hime, short_fuse, sillyslytherin, silversungod, simmering, sinfulslytherin, skatewizard, slight_accent, slithrngserpent, slytherenae, slytherinpride, slytherinqueen, slyth_gone_mad, snapshot_, snobette, spoiled_prat, stamp_fiend, sweetdeceit, sweet_poison, tainted_black, tainted_pale, tainted_red, tainted_white, tattletale, thats_just_bull, thebettertwin, thecleverone, theprettyone, theseventhyear, the_favourite, the_keeper, the_malfoy, the_tolerant_1, the_worshipper, third_wheel, tomasnott, uberslut, unsafe_desire, wears_the_pants, weaselette, weasel_bandaid, white_in_black, whosaschizo, windsurfingravn, wistfulalumni, young_elite, zorya_wyndham, zrookwood, _chasingdreams
Friend of:25: blondegryff, celes_sinis, cho_chang, divine_lavender, dragontamer, forgotten_name, hufflegirl, ickle_ron, irish_kate, lachesis_, ladynarcissa, lost_cause, mod7th_des, orla_quirke, prof_sinistra, prof_vector, queenofclubs, redhead_susan, rising_phoenix, sfinnigan, shira_hime, sweetdeceit, sweet_poison, theprettyone, weaselette
Member of:5: hogsmeade7th, hogwarts7th, knockturn7th, owlpost7th, theseventhyear
Account type:Early Adopter

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