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User:productfailure (419612)  
Website:Escape The Promise
Location:kernersville, North Carolina, United States
AOL IM:xlabelmenotx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:name: Sylvia
age: 17
hair: brown
eyes: blue
hieght: 5'7''
weight: a mound of potatoes

no need to put a picture on here just paint your own image of me in your head; yep thats me. If you still insist visit my page here>>>>

I am a very down to earth person, obviously since If I were in outer space I would die. I love people with senses of humor and who like to have fun in life. I am somewhat musically inclined and I am working on playing the following instruments violin, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. I write poetry, lyrics, and short stories.

Interests:44: 311, all-american rejects, astrology, bass, blind guardian, blink 182, boxcar racer, bush, candles, cherry, christina aguilera, creativity, cucumbers, daniel beddingfield, dr. pepper, drums, evanescense, extol, fire, from autumn to ashes, fruit2-o, green day, guitar, guys, hugs, incubus, jason mraz, justin timberlake, lifehouse, maroon 5, matchbox 20, missy elliot, mr. pibb, mushrooms, music, norma jean, nsync, piano, sprite, strawberry, switchfoot, the used, underoath, writing
Friends:1: overthesxe
Account type:Free User

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