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User:proceliandoll (957444)  
Location:dunn, North Carolina, United States
Bio:I like life alright. I am 18 and the road thus far travelled has been challenging, sometimes depressing and many downright irratating. I try everyday to live life to the fullest, to enjoy the company of those around me even though some are irritants. I enjoy doing all sorts of interesting and constructive things and I allow myself to wander into fantasy on occassion. I enjoy meeting new people.I love socialising and forming new friendships and learning actively about people and theirlives. I am generally a quiet, introspective person but I do have those times when I let loose and just let life swing at me. I can't honsetly say that I have experienced the best time of my life as yet and I don't know what tomorrow brings or if I may even life to see a new day so I take today as my last . Life for me has been about survival but I am learning that it can also mean hope, a future, happiness and a journey of unforgetful memories.
Interests:48: autumn leaves, ballet, beaches, being freaky, being me, body lotion, bubble baths, caf?s, candles, coconut doughnuts, cold dayz, cotton candy, dancing, daydreaming, fairs/carnivals, fashion, fire n matches, flip flops, french bread, full hugs, funny ppl, hot tubs, ice-cream, ladybugs, lipgloss, magazines, movie nights, my life, photography, picnics in the park, pina colada snowcones, pink n white polkadots, rainbows, reading, reading cookbooks, shopping, spas, summer, summer rain, talking, the colour black, the numba 3, thunder, trampolines, trying new things, while im sleeping, white chocolate, writing( poetry)
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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