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Below is information about the "Ana/Mia" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:pro_anamia (53924)
About:Hey Everyone =)

This community is for pro ED girls and guys. Here you are welcome to talk about anything as long as it involves an ED. As you can see though, the name of the community is PRO anamia so please don't make this a place of debate. People in recovery are also welcome to post. You don't really have to be anorexic or bulimic to join, but PLEASE be nice and keep this a place withough dabate. That's all I ask.

Also if you are a new member you might want to do this little survey and post it. It just let's everyone know who you are.

Are you Ana/Mia/COE/Bulemorexia/etc.?:
How long have you had an ED?:
High Weight:
Low Weight:
Current Weight:
Short Term Goal Weight:
Long term Goal Weight:
Interests:85: ana, anorexia, anorexia nervosa, anorexic, beauty, binge, binge eating, binge eating disorder, binge purge, body image, bones, buimarexia, bulimia, bulimia nervosa, bulimic, bulimina nervosa, burning calories, calories, cheerleading, clothes, compulsive eating, compulsive overeating, control, counting, diet, dieting, diets, dying, eating, eating disorder, ed, excercising, excersise, fashion, fasting, fat, gym, hunger, losing weight, low fat, mia, modelling, models, nervosa, obese, obsession, overeating, overweight, perfect, perfection, popular, popularity, pretty, pro ana, pro anorexia, pro anorexic, pro bulimia, pro ed, pro mia, pro-ana, pro-anorexia, pro-bulimia, pro-mia, puking, purge, restricting, restriction, self image, skeleton, skinny, soy, starving, stomach, strength, supermodels, thin, underweight, vegan, vegetarian, vomiting, waif, weight, weight loss, winning, working out
Members:551: View Members.
Watched by:325: 111perfection, 2fat2eat, abrune, adelheid, adickted_biotch, air_thin, aja, alexcat6, alimana, alone_molly, ana50, anababy29, anadreamer, anaelisa, anagoddess, anaitalia, analizzard, anamarie3, anamiagirl, anamiagirlie, anawaif, anawings, ana_girly, ana_katie, ana_star79, angelems, anica, anita_jacks, annemarie1283, anygivenfriday, anyone_but_you, argue, askingbeauty, aspasia, austriangirll, autumnxashes, awwpuppyluv, baenz, banfearxx, barelyhere, beautifulxdecay, behemothybiutch, belated, berbear, berzee, bimbobambi, bitofme, bl0nde_sin, blackened_ashes, blah16, blinded_by_mia, blondie550, blondiemania, bloodlily, blueathena, blueyellow, blue_bottle, bohemith, boopsie, borderlinegirl, breathein, bridetoeden, bulimichik, buttaflykt, butterfly_kiss3, cajunchica, candystripe, canibana, canoodle, carmengetup, chloeraven, cinderali, coldhands, comfortmarie, coyotemyst, crazygirl911, crazy_beauty, curlie, danak1890, dancingqueen371, dantesinferno, darkprincesslay, deafchic24, destinea, dietjournal2003, dietobethin008, diet_lemonade, discosis, dmb33, dont_go, downtobones, dying2bthin, eau_de_source, edandi, elamka, elbowsturnmeon, elthea, emoxposerxcore, enculedetamere, endlessoblivion, evilwoman, exxodus, fade_out_again, faerie85, fallenangel33, far_too_fragile, fatc0w, fatlikeme, felix_m, feverpitch, filthyhigh, flyest_angel, foodjournal, free4themoment, freedomslave, fyuocuk, glitterpimpcess, gothfaerie, groundlevel, harmonyinchaos, helltownsgirl, henke81, hgiel, hidemeplease, hollisterqt, hotmarinesgirl, hungerartist, hyeflyer21, ia_punk, idiot_nr_72056, ihatemylooks, ilovepopsicles2, iluvcrm, imaqt50518, indiaisnarcissa, indigestion, insecure0ne, irrlicht, jaski145, jazzerina, jessie83, jessielynn220, jolie_morte, jurnee79, just_lust, kanamia03, katievic, keleigh22, kgurl210, kie_kie, ...
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