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Below is user information for Brave New Girl. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:princessbabygur (787924)
Name:Brave New Girl
Location:Louisiana, United States
AOL IM:ACAngelfairy (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:*This is me*
Courtney. 17. in love. crazy. sweet. caring. strong. unique. dreamer. leader. daydreamer. joker.

Kayla, Kelli, Amanda, Tori, Zipp, Serena Alisa, Misti, Stephanie, Mandi, Dolores, Tiffany, Amie, Jasmine, Jennifer, Lizzie, Katie, Cassie, Kristen, Kacey, Angela, Jackie, Sherise, Denise, Catherine.

The One Who LoVeS Me and My LiFE
To my baby boy, Nice try do you really think I was going to tell you the name Ha ha;-) you are the best person in the world Beside God and Jesus. I love you so much .... You're always making me feel good about myself and knows when something wrong or good. I might be older than you, but I know love. I love you more than Justin T. and Aaron C. LOVE HAS NO AGE! Im in love with you. You are everything to me. There is no one id ever rather be with then you. Baby I love you soooo much if it was left up to me we never be apart and grow old together. You and Me. me and You. You and Me Dangerously In Love. You and me that drunkin gay ass pony. Class of "06 Thats how we roll!!!
Interests:66: aim, apple, best friends, bing bing, cameral, cameras, catherine zeta jones, colorguard, dating, dogs, duck, dvd, egg, element, emu, flag girls, friends, good charlotte, goose, grapes, gum, happy bunny, hardcore, hoobastank, hot, hyper, jellybeans, jesus, like, linkin park, lipgloss, lonely, love, makeup, maroon 5, mud pies, nap, off, papa roach, pens, phone, pictures, poems, pony, powerman500, punk, quotes, rasins, romance, roses, school, sean paul, simple plan, skateboarding, sleep, steak, stickers, stuffed animals, t bone, tap, tears, teeth, tiffany's, violet, wrap, yawning.
Friends:3: hunnibunnilissi, missbeauty3456, skeet_skeet
Friend of:1: hunnibunnilissi
Account type:Free User

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