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Below is user information for *Pretty Pretty Princess*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:prettyprincess2 (672922)  
Name:*Pretty Pretty Princess*
Location:New York, New York, United States
Bio: Wish I could say the save the world, like I was super girl
Interests:132: abercrombie and fitch, american eagle, any pink make-up, baby g watches, bagels and co., bahamas, bangels from hawaii, barneys, bend it like beckham, bergdoffgoodman, betsy johnson, bikinis, bliss, bloomingdales, bungee jumping, cameras, candles, candy, chanel, cheaper by the dozen, christmas, christmas trees, christmas windows, claremont riding academy., clinque, clothes, club med, coach, cooking, crate and barrel, cutting school with viv, david and goliath, dimond earings, disney movies, disney princesses, earings, easter, eating, elsa perriti, este lauder, forreal, fresh direct, friends, ghost world, going to camp, going to vermont., gucci, hanging out, hanging with viv, happy smiles(lol viv), hard candy, hard tail pants, hard tail shirts, hearbreakers, henry bendel, horse back riding, horses, john jay park, juicy couture, juicy couture sweatshirts, kate spade, lesters, levis, lip gloss, lotr, mac, mini skirts, mirrors, mix cd's, mona lisa smile, money, money., movies, my birthday, my milkshake, nars, ned kelly, newly weds, now and then, op, paloma picisso, paris blues, phone, pictures, pink i-pods, pirates of the carribean, pizza, ponies, pottery barn, prada, ready-to-bake chocolate cookies, real world, rich girls, road rules, rocket city, roxy, rubber braclets, sax fifth aveune, seeing ami my cousin, sephora, shopping, short dresses, skiing, sleeping, snowboarding, so low pants, sour straws, stealing clothes from viv, stilla, sweatshirts, taking pictures, talking on my cellie, tangerine sour altoids, the carribean, the color pink, the gaunlet, the hot chick, the others, the simple life, tiffanys, tights, to kill a mockingbird, troy, uggly boots, urban decay, viva la bam, von dutch, watching movies, wet slicks, will and grace, yoga, yummy food.
Friends:10: alohaloha, dorkchopz, emolyrics, esms_ms114, exquisitexstar, girlwitha_tutu, lenabeano, tinarocks, tonythe_tiger, tytythetigerman
Friend of:5: alohaloha, babycaked12, elenababe77, tinarocks, tonythe_tiger
Member of:1: emolyrics
Account type:Free User

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