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User:prettydeadgirl (763253)  
Location:pcola, Florida, United States
AOL IM:venusblue6913 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:pretty_dead_thing_6913 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:greetings ppl out there, well this is the first time ive ever done an online journal before so bear with me if sound like a tard... well i guess i should introduce myself, my names jen, im about to be 23 years old(blah), i'm a short little devious cutie, im about 4'10, 130 pounds, long black hair... i would have a pic of me up, but my photo thingy is bein a ho, so sorry.. if you wanna see me, IM me and ill send you a pic... i like dark, weird things, i guess goth you'd say...i really dont like labels tho..oh yeah, i work in a movie theatre oh joy... too much damn drama there too... well i cant really think of much more to say.. anyone who doesn't like this, well i didnt tell you to read it, so piss off...
Interests:58: acidbath, and sex, anne rice, bdsm, beaches, bettie page, black metal, cemetaries, cky, clive barker, cof, cs lewis, death metal, dimmu borgir, elves, emperor, fairies, freaks, gg allin, goths, him, horror, iconclast, indie films, joy divsion, jrr tolkien, lovecraft, metal, nin, old ass cannibal, old ass manson, old ass pantera, old ass rancid, old ass steven king, old mans child, opeth, otep, outdoors, paganism, poetry, poppy z brite, punk, punks, rivets, self-mutilation, sex, short flims, short stories, skinny puppy, some 80s, some grunge, spanking, the cure, the smiths, troma, vampires, witchcraft, writing
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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