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User:preshus (198376)
Location:Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Title/DescriptionFRIENDS ONLY!

Yes my journal is friends only! comment my only public entry I have to be added! Why is my journal friends only? lets see..

Title/Description1. I am not comfortable knowing anyone can read my entries!

Title/Description2. Annonymous comments get on my nerves.

Title/Description3. Some things I write are rather personal, and I would like to have only my friend list know!

Title/Description4. I need more comments!

If you choose to be added one of my rules is you must comment! I am not expecting every day, just at least once in a while!

Title/DescriptionBASIC FACTS!Title/Description

Hey everybody, my name is kristin, you can call me that. I go to Skyline Middle School (Go Jaguars)! My location is in Delaware, I am reppin it all the way!!! I am a brunette with greenish blue eyes. Single?- yes untouched.

SHOUT OUTS! Title/Description

Title/DescriptionLauren: Haha, we are such weirdos. Lol. Pufaa! Remember "Bring the mattress!" ... that was so funny that day. Remember when I was at your house when we were jumping on your trampoline late at night? those were the good days. Yeah, like that time I tried to do a "front flip" on it as graceful as you could, and then... OUCH! Lol, you are such a good friend! I luvv you dill!<333 It feels like I known you forever!

Title/DescriptionMichelle: Good times, good times. That's all I can say! We did everything together! Walks on the boardwalk late at nights with Amy. All the sleepovers we had! those were the times I miss. Remember... Double R, Double N! that was so funny. I luvv you Double R<333 I miss Amy so much, I know you do too!

Title/DescriptionAmy: Grrr... you just had to go to Cab because you are so smart, and talented. Michelle and I miss you sooo much! Remember when we were trying to swim in your pool "in peace" and your sister was like stalking us! Also... those sleepovers we had. Remember when it was about 45 degrees out and you, Michelle, and I went in the freezing beach water with all our clothes on! that was the most craziest thing we all have ever did! Maybe it was beacause I pushed you in the water first, then I pushed Michelle, then I fell! haha! well, I miss you so much! call me! <33 you!

Title/DescriptionRAP THINGS UP!Title/Description

That's about all I have to say! ttyl
Interests:37: aol, ashton kutcher, beach, biking, boys, cats, celebrities, christina aguilera, clothes, computers, dogs, eating, eyeshadow, friends, games, icons, josh hartnett, journals, layouts, lipstick, love, manicures, mascara, movies, music, pencils, pens, pets, shopping, sims, sleeping, sleepovers, sports, swimming, talking, thinking, tv
Friends:27: babi03, christina698813, craving_, gothicprincess, holluh, ic0nz_, iconage, iconish, iconmakers, icons_4_u, icon_holic, icon_makers, jboi, lushuzz, mizz_thug, ox_lisa_xo, princez, tardcore_xtyna, tinytory, xboo3, xxlilspags, xxnobodysfoolxx, _chica, _fallinqxtearz_, _lisa_, __blondebabii, __blurtydesigns
Friend of:10: babi03, christina698813, craving_, holluh, lushuzz, mizz_thug, princez, tinytory, _fallinqxtearz_, __blondebabii
Member of:5: ic0nz_, iconage, iconish, icons_4_u, icon_makers
Account type:Early Adopter

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