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Below is information about the "porn lovers" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:porn_lovers (319668)  
Name:porn lovers
About:this community is for people who enjoy porn and porn stars

- 18+ years old (ages will be checked!) under agers will be banned until you are old enough to come back
- use blurty specific tags when posting big, more than 2 pictures, quizzes, or stories
- NO kiddie porn...cause well it's just not right
- make every post as Friend's Only
- do not use it to make fun of people for their sexual preference
- this is not a place to post pictures or naked pictures of yourself...
go to these communities to post pictures of yourself

those are the rules...if you don't like them, don't join...

have questions or comments about porn_lovers please contact the maintainer midniteblkrose
Interests:60: amber michaels, anal beads, anal sex, asia carrera, blow jobs, briana banks, butt plugs, chloe, chris cannon, christi lake, clit, cock, cum, cum shots, cunnilingus, devon, dildos, dirty minds, dita von teese, erik everhard, gangbangs, homosexuality, houston, janine, jasmin st. claire, jenna jameson, john holmes, kissing, licking, lube, lust, masturbation, misty rain, mutual masturbation, nina hartley, orgasms, orgy, p.j sparxx, peter north, porn, porn star, positions, pussy, randy spears, randy west, rocco, ron jeremy, savanna samson, sex, sex stories, sex toys, sky lopez, strap-ons, sucking, sylvia saint, t. j. cummings, tabitha stevens, tits, tongues, vibrators
Members:124: abcd123459, aelfred, alonejs, alveolate, always_a_sin, amandaxo, andtheothers, anna_kylee, appliance, artishardx, babiixbellao3, bcrazy003, bestintentions, bitchmonkeyfred, broken_diary, calaix, chivalrousfool, clairexnyc, color_me_sex, cxpartyxg, cynaguan, daman21, eir, eternallynumb, face21, fantasyrhelm, femalelove, fly_like_eli, freakishlyme, funloving_chick, glitterpimpcess, goddessofsaturn, governor, herman86, hottkissez, ilovesex321, imperfections, im_so_hot, jerkinjay, jezzika666, jjava, juggalopimp69, kerri125, ladycordelia, liddlestrutz, lifeinshadows, linka735, litpervgrrl, loolaalee, lordofthemanor, lord_velos, loserxkid00, lose_your_self, losgoul, lovesucks101, lucian13, lucidone, lushiousass, lustendurance, lxbabii_gurlxl, meilee, merotica, midnightpeace, midniteblkrose, minuet1264, mistaspeedsta, mistress_true, monkey_buisness, monstrchld155, naughty_vs_nice, newxpose, new_empathy, o0angel0o, odr, oistitches, outrun316, patisjohn, peanut112, poursumsugaonme, pull_thetrigger, quiinv, random555, rdol, rebelfunk, redheads, redlocks, red_rails_sucks, satanhatesyu, seksaygreeneyes, sexg0ddess, sexysidesuck, sexystrawberry, shipman7, silencexx, sillylad, skypaintedreams, softshadow, spacedoggy, sulphur, sureynot, t0ngue, thecitymorgue, themeanie666, the_itch_666, thingtwo, trin20t, ttyl, unspoken_identi, ursusmaritimus, ustmej, well_yeahh, xbiteemex, xiloveducks, xinfiniteflamex, xplayboybunnyx, xxxbrookexxx, xxxstarfishxxx, xx_silence, y0ur_d0rk, youngyummy, _girlyish, _rumors, _takemeaway_, __whore__
Watched by:82: abcd123459, aelfred, alonejs, alveolate, always_a_sin, andtheothers, babygurl2684, bcrazy003, bestintentions, broken_diary, calaix, cherrii_icicle, chivalrousfool, color_me_sex, cxpartyxg, daman21, eternallynumb, fantasyrhelm, femalelove, freakishlyme, funloving_chick, glitterpimpcess, goddessofsaturn, hottkissez, ilovesex321, im_so_hot, jerkinjay, jjava, juggalopimp69, kbfx, kerri125, lick_my_lips, liddlestrutz, linka735, loolaalee, lordofthemanor, lose_your_self, losgoul, lovesucks101, lucian13, lucidone, lustendurance, marrystorage, minuet1264, mistaspeedsta, monkey_buisness, monstrchld155, narayanpunk, naughty_vs_nice, new_empathy, o0angel0o, odr, patisjohn, peanut112, pull_thetrigger, quiinv, rebelfunk, redheads, rubber_duhki, satanhatesyu, sexystrawberry, shipman7, silencexx, slava, songsxletters, sulphur, sweetsarahjane, thecitymorgue, thecontest, the_itch_666, thingtwo, trin20t, ttyl, ursusmaritimus, ustmej, xiloveducks, xinfiniteflamex, xxxstarfishxxx, xx_silence, ycantibu, youngyummy, _girlyish
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