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Below is user information for in the line of fire. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:porcelainxgirl (437838)
Name:in the line of fire
Location:dayton, Ohio, United States
AOL IM:xporcelainxgirlx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:i'm afraid this addiction will kill me...

this addiction to you.

i hope when i find you on the edge of this dream that you will come home with me in the end.

Interests:94: alkaline trio, ani difranco, animals, baz lurhmann, beauty school, being a girl, being drug free, being happy, being held, being loud, being loved, black, bright eyes, car rides, chuck berry, clothes, dandelions, death cab for cutie, diamonds, doris day, element 101, elephants, fake pearls, fannypack, feeding ducks, film, forever, further seems forever, godspeed you black emporer, hair, hair cuts, hate, hearts, hermit crabs, hot pink, hugs, i hate myself, jumping in puddles, letters, love, love letters, m.a.c make-up, make-up, making love, making stuff, mars, mazzy star, mewithoutyou, movies, music, my boyfriend, my heart, nail polish, outkast, photography, pink, pirates, pj harvey, planets, poe, postal service, pretty girls make graves, puppies, radiohead, rain, rasputina, reading, rilo kiley, running away, scissors, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, stars, straight edge, sutures, swimming, swinging on swings, talking, tattoos, tegan and sara, the 80's, the blood brothers, tortoise, trees, valley of the dolls, vegan, vegetarianism, water, weddings, windows, writing, xxx, you
Friends:9: deadunderthesky, madeofstars, makexmexbleed, redlips_hothips, rwaries, slutcrew, stuckincairo, thefeelisgone, watered_down
Friend of:7: deadunderthesky, littlepetridish, madeofstars, makexmexbleed, rwaries, stuckincairo, watered_down
Member of:2: redlips_hothips, slutcrew
Account type:Free User

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