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Below is user information for Mistress of Poon. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:poonariffic (288101)
Name:Mistress of Poon
Website:Nervous Rex
Bio:I think therefore I am.
I write therefore I breathe.
I can't stop expressing myself.

They say crazy is the girl
In the mad house she belongs
Yet, I find her quite lovely
Her hair is extremely long-
From which her love flows freely
As ripe as papaya in June
She's sweet as a strawberry
Eaten in the afternoon.
They said the girl was weary
Of being hard to find
So she opened up her dress
And showed them all her kind-
Like which we all resemble
The very soul of all of us
Struggling as we tremble,
Beneath the eyes of God.
They do not speak any longer
Voices lost in silence
As the crazy girl is lurid,
She has now broken free
Of the ties that bend and twist
Her brittle bones, so thin-
There are no more secrets
And the crazy are the sane.
-personal work-

*I went to college in Virginia and Boston.
*I've lived in Virginia, Boston, San Diego, Hawaii and Seattle, oh and Dallas
*I had a husband. He was misplaced.
*I crush Moby and Adrien Brody. I should stop.
*I have a black cat. He is my ex's cat. He is mine now.
*I'm always thinking about becoming a vegetarian.
*I have not a favourite anything.
*You will either find me horribly entertaining and interesting or you will despise me.
*I do not own a scale.
*I have GAD and Depression. I take meds. You don't like it, then fuck off.
*Please don't leave me with babies and everything.
*My mind was misplaced with my husband.

I'm the Pooninatah. I become invisible once in a while.
Interests:150: 80's, amazing race, american beauty, angelina joile, ani difranco, animals, anime, anxiety, art, art history, audrey hepburn, babies, beach, being bitten, bellini, blue, boston, british comedies, cats, cellular, chatting, cheesecake, clubbing, collage, college friends, computer animation, crouching tiger hidden dragon, crying, dark city, david fincher, dead can dance, delusion, dj's, dvds, edward norton, eliza dushku, email, emily dickenson, empire records, eternity, ewan mcgregor, fame, fashion, fear factor, feelings, fight club, flip flops, foreign film, former goth, friends, fun, geeks, ghost in the shell, girl interrupted, guys, hawaii, history, hockey, honesty, independant film, indian cuisine, insanity, intelligence, internet, italian, jackson pollock, jewelry, john cusack, journals, joy division, junkie, kevin smith, kindrid spirits, kissing, lace, laptop computers, lenny kravitz, literature, lou reed, love, marla, mazzy star, meeting new people, milkshakes, moby, modern dance, moulin rouge, movies, museums, music, mystery, new order, nice guys, non-fiction, north shore, pancakes, passatpunk, peppermint, perfume, pet shop boys, pink roses, poetry, rambling, ramones, reading minds, reality television, rock climbing, romance, rufus sewell, san diego, sex and the city, shopping, single mom, siouxsie and the banshees, soul mates, sparklykittie, special effects, spongebob squarepants, stand-up comedy, strange love, strawberries, sun, surfers, sylvia plath, talking, techno, texas, the cure, the matrix, the pixies, tom hanks, tori amos, trading spaces, trainspotting, trance, travel, trust, vanity plates, velvet underground, vintage, violets, virginia, volkswagen, volvo, walking on the beach, web design, weddings, weezer, witty people, writing
Friends:1: imprincessapril
Friend of:1: imprincessapril
Account type:Free User

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