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User:politicalpunk (89377)  
Location:Coventry, Connecticut, United States
Bio:life sucks.
Memories:2 entries
Interests:74: aclu, american beauty, american civil liberties union, anarchy, angelina jolie, animals, anti-bush, anti-flag, antiques, being seduced, books, braclets, cats, dead kennedys, deftones, depression, disco biscuits, dropkick murphys, drum n bass, freedom, ghosts, girl interrupted, girls, going out, guitar, having a good time, hippies, italy, jim morrison, kandy, kissing, laid back people, lars frederiksen, lesbian, lost and delirious, love, marijuana, marya hornbacher, meeting new people, metal, minor threat, music, operation ivy, parties, photography, piano, poetry, political punk, politics, punch-drunk love, punk, rain forest, rancid, rave, raves, raving, reading, salavation army, sublime, suicide, sylvia plath, techno, the casualties, the doors, the lizard king, the unseen, trance, virginia woolf, wanting, wasted, water, weed, wicca, winona ryder
Friends:107: 1completeidiot, 206underground, 70x7, aficreation, ajbj, amanita, antiprep, anti_bush, aramintastar, beautiful_ones, beforemytime, bisexuality, bitterness, borredom, bowlingforjesus, boysxdontxcry, breakyrjaw, breathoflife, bredinapathy, broken_angel, casualtyoflife, chesire_cat, coming_clean, consortofvenus, coporatehor, dark_love, deadend13, deathbystar, deviated_vision, digmygrave, dimhalo, dirty_machine, ditch, drinkingdivas, drugfreaks, duncandonutpunk, fearywings, girl_scout, givinguphope, grl_lnterruptd, handsoverbearin, have_your_say, helterskelter, icons_, icon_makers, innocencefades, introverted, ix_cornholio_xi, jimieo, jordan_assault, kitsch, kozzi, lilithia, litter, lollipopvxn, london_calling, m0rbiid_, meela, meggieness, misty_vamp, mr_mikey, murderedsextoy, myzzib06, noir_eva, nosecondchance, nothinq, nympholepsy, omgsaddam, oober, overthrow, paperdoll_xcuts, paradoxa, perfect_lies, politicaldebate, pot_headz, preciousthings, pretty_vacent, prozac_27, pushmybuttonz, radiosuicide, raptured, redstilettoz, screwsfallout, septicidal, sexualx0, silentshowers, silentxscreams, squealer, starzwild, suby25, suicidalfailure, supersunshine, theirsystem, trashy_emo_fan, twin_ash_olsen, undeserving, unity, watchmeunravel, whycut, wickeddevilish, x0_h0peless, xallcriedoutx, xduckxtapex, xoblakberriox, xtodayisonfirex, x_depressed_x, ___antisocial
Friend of:34: 1completeidiot, acidiktearz, bailey, beforemytime, boysxdontxcry, chesire_cat, deadend13, deathbystar, digmygrave, fearywings, girl_scout, givinguphope, handsoverbearin, innocencefades, ix_cornholio_xi, jimieo, katapillar3480, lilithia, misty_vamp, nothinq, omgsaddam, oober, pinkhippos, pretty_vacent, radiosuicide, redstilettoz, septicidal, silentxscreams, squealer, supersunshine, watchmeunravel, wickeddevilish, x0_h0peless, xallcriedoutx
Member of:19: 206underground, aficreation, ail, anti_bush, beautiful_ones, borredom, ditch, drinkingdivas, drugfreaks, icons_, icon_makers, lesbians, maryahornbacher, overthrow, pot_headz, suicide_note, the_blue_marble, _sylviaplath_, __obsession
Account type:Early Adopter

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