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User:polar (9682)
Name:Lindsey Rey
Location:Iowa, United States


Lindsey Rey. 29. Female. Aquarius. Bisexual. Iowa native. River rat. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Lover. Smoker. Wino. Painter. Poet. Writer. Ex-choirgirl. College drop-out student drop-out student. Witch. Bohémský. Czech. Music maker. Booty shaker. Winter girl. Survivor.


POLAR is not just a journal (don't you ever call it a blog!). It is the largest archive I have of my life. It is one technique that I have devised to save my life. And thus far, it has worked. Kept within these pages, amongst all the HTML, is my life's story.

This journal isn't for you, it's for me; it's for me to remember things upon their happening, to catalog my memories and anything else I deem important to remember in the future.

Repression was both a great theme and a burden in her life. Her madness was a ruthless censor; it was not content only to ruin the quality of her daily life in New York, but it also effaced the past and replaced it with the white baffled noise of forgetfulness. Her journals preserved the particulars of her life. She filled them with hard facts and nothing else. They were her rose windows into the past. Writing in her journals was but one other technique Savannah has devised to save her own life.
-- Pat Conroy, The Prince of Tides

Created on 06 November 2002, at 9:53 AM EST in Port Huron, Michigan, POLAR currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa.

Memories:21 entries
Interests:149: altars, anne sexton, aquarius, arctic, art, being cold, being in love, blessed mother mary, blizzards, body modification, books, broken dreams, buddha, buddhism, buddhist, calico cats, canada, chicago, cold weather, collyridian, collyridianism, contemplation, contemplative prayer, corsets, darkness, daydreaming, december, deep thinking, depression, divine feminine, drowning, earth based spirituality, eating disorders, edgar allan poe, emotions, ernest shackleton, erotica, falling apart, falling snow, february, films, free tibet, frost, frozen, glass bottles, goddess, goddess spirituality, haiku, hands, happiness, history, hope, hugs, ice, icebergs, icicles, insomnia, intimacy, iowa, january, journaling, kisses, learning, lesbian, lesbian life, lesbians, letters, life, listening, literature, loss, love, lust, lyrics, marquis de sade, masturbation, meditation, melancholy music, memories, midnight, mississippi river, moon phases, mother god, mother nature, music, natural living, night, old ways, pale skin, philomariante, philomariantes, philosophy, poetry, polar bears, prayer, pro-choice, psychology, quotes, rape, reading, religion, rituals, river rat, robert frost, scars, scarves, self-afflicted pain, sexuality, silence, simplicity, skeleton keys, sleeping, snow, snow crystals, snow globes, snow storms, snowflakes, solitary, spider webs, spirituality, suicide, suppressed emotions, tarot, tattoos, the l word, theology, thunderstorms, tibet, tibetan buddhism, tori amos, touch, traveling, trees, ursus maritimus, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vintage, walking, water, white, wind, wine, wings, winter, winter nights, writing, yoga, zen, zen buddhism
Friends:1: sirene
Account type:Early Adopter

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