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Below is user information for Poisonous Peaches. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:poisonpeaches3 (803076)
Name:Poisonous Peaches
Location:Naples, Florida, United States
Bio:i live in a box...yes a i don't mean to brag but my box...yes MY magic!i found it one day after selling my last ounce of coke outside on Bayshore.Now i had stolen a hairy hotdog from another bum earlier that day,and i was gettin preettttty hungry by now and then i seen it..sittin right there full of mushrooms!well you can bet i snatched that bitch right up and ran as fast as i could but with one problem...the people that had left it out was chaseing me with a gun!! stoopid bastard hit me in the back of my head but like i said the stoopid bastard thought that was an inportant part of my body but what he din't know was that alians had kidnapped me and teleported my brain to the testacles they had sewn to me...but anywayz i got to the train station jumped into a boxcar and here i am in sunny florida...the only real problem is i have this funny twitch in my neack,eye,and arm and woah buddy try standing in the groocry store line with your arm twitchin this way n that...yeah i get into big trouble with this arm...damn mushrooms...oh well after i ate all of the mushrooms i passed out and had the WEIREDEST dream of my, after i woke up i found myself in this bothel in down town china and had been walkin around for the times i had there....damn i REALLy wishiculd remember when and how i got there ohhh welll...any wayzx after that i stayed and worked as a profesional prostituite for about 3 years...all most got shot twice for not keepin a straight face ... but i mean...cum on 3 inches??? they told me i shouldn't laugh at other mens...handicaps but ummmm....well see how long you could keep a straight face lookin at that...anywayz i finally got enough money to move back here sunny fuckin naples florida... i they found out that prostitution was illleagle here and can imagin... i then went through all my money and was thrown into the street and guess what?against alll odds in the world there was my box. now im homeless and o i bet you who are reading this are wondering "how is she writing all this" well it's simple... telikineisis,or better yet, brain power!!! the end .....i sware to god this is all true!...o and by the way every error or misspelt word is a result of a brain fa rt....the ...........
Interests:13: and other stuff.eating crayons., art, cartoons, classical, comics, jell-o, metal, pictures, reading, rock, soda, techno, trance
Friends:2: ramenwhore, tearsofblood88
Friend of:1: tearsofblood88
Member of:1: ramenwhore
Account type:Free User

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