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Below is user information for AIDS. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pogo_with_a40 (755805)
Website:My Shit (under construction)
Location:Canoga Park, United States
AOL IM:OiPogoBrats77 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:OiBratsPunk77 (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:OiBratsPunk77
Bio:damn it my other s/n erased stupid shit! it suspended me! fuck that! well i'll start a new one. and if i get my old one back then good but for now i dont care about this about me. i'll fill it out some other time... eh i'll do it now. well uhm yeah i'm 5'1 and i weigh 115. well uhm what else... yeah uh i'm into Oi/Street/Anarcho/PoGo/77's Punk/ and some Hard Rock. and hrmm some Psychobilly uhm... well yeah i love going to shows and getting my ass drunk at shows/gigs/parties/ etc. and uhm yeah uh.. iunno well yeah lates
Interests:117: 1977, 40's, 77's punk, 999, a global threat, aerosmith, alcohol, american conflict, anarcho, anti nowhere league, aus rotten, bad brains, barcardi 151, beer, bi hawks, bikini kill, black sabbath, blanks 77, blasphemy squad, blatz, blitz, bubblers, budweiser, captain morgan spiced rum, career soldiers, cheap sex, chronic, cigarretts, circle jerks, clit 45, cock sparrer, code 13, cof, condemned 84, conflict, coors original, crass, cropknox, dead kennedys, defiance, devotchkas, discharge, disorder, dri, drunken disorderly, endless struggle, fear, fleas and lice, flux of pink indians, funeral dress, gbh, guns n roses, hard liqour, iron maiden, jack daniels, james and the mexicans, kush, led zepplin, leftover crack, liberty spikes, litmus green, lower class brats, menace, mindless violence, minor threat, mohawks, naked aggression, narcoleptic youth, nekromantix, nirvana, oi, oi polloi, oi scouts, one word solution, oxymoron, pink floyd, punk shows, rage against the machine, resist & exist, rudimentary peni, rum, sex pistols, sham 69, skeptix, societys victims, sothern comfort, stiff little fingers, street, subhumans, the 40 ouncers, the 99's, the adicts, the assaults, the casualties, the clash, the damned, the exploited, the krays, the misfits, the partisans, the pist, the ramones, the rejected dirty kids, the scuffs, the unseen, the varukers, the virus, the voids, total chaos, toxic narcotix, tri hawks, u.s. bombs, vice squad, vodka, whiskey, xray spex, youth brigade
Friends:5: bannedfromroxy, disastr, safety_pinz, sexkick, sunshinebunny
Account type:Free User

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