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User:pleasing_ (78307)

(¨`× i am beautiful ×´¨)
My name is Alexandra, but I go by the name Ally. I hate the name Alexandra, so just as a warning.. don't call me that. I was born on October 20, 1988. Born and raised in Miami, FL, where I'm currently living.

I have 3 siblings; Chris (7), Jonathan (14), and Erica (17). I live with both my parents, and my baby brother Chris. I'm in the eighth grade, and I go to AMS Middle school. Next year, I'mma go to Sunset Sr. High.

I love PSP, and I'm either making people banners, or working on layouts nearly 24/7. I also like making websites. I'm not the best at it, but people say that I'm good.

I'm a very nice person, just ask anyone that knows me. Everyone comes to me when they're having a problem, or need advice, or just need someone to listen to. I'm not pushy, or bitchy.. but if I don't like you, don't expect me to be nice to you.

I make layouts, but I think I'm gona stop. All people do is IM me telling me to make a layout. NO. Do that, and I'll block you. Don't even bother asking me, I won't answer. Okay, enough about me. Like me still? Comment + Add me.;x

(¨`× always on time ×´¨)
To my friends. I'd be nothing without you;

(Girls) Alyssa, Candi, Mari, MeLi*, Meli, Chrissy, Jaclyn, Sarah, Yessi, Maika, Sammy, Mari H., Tina, Giselle, Daisy, Rosnelly, Gigi, Gigi G., Cindy, Jenny, Bianca, Megan, Anna, Brittany, Carolina, Victoria, Noelli, Aarika, Lisa, Ashley, Michelle, Jovi, Carol, Amored, Heidi, Kylie, Nida, Veronica, Susuie, Nana, Kimberly, Elise, Roya, Ale.

(Boys) Devan, Andres, Brandon, Andrew, Norby, Marc, Brian, Gabriel, Esteban, Jose C., Andres R., Mikael, Alex, Gonzo, Angelo, Julian, Jeremy, Mike H., Jose, Josh, Patrick, Tony, Javi, Kurby, Jackie, G, Robert B., Robert R., Josh H., Dustin, Tubby, Timmy, Heffty, Fish, Sergio, Roblyn, Jeff, Baby Boi.

If I forgot you, surry!

(¨`× all cried out ×´¨)
You know who you are. *no names* Just so everyone knows.. it's not right what you did to me. I'm not mad anymore, but I still can't get over it. Anyway, what the hell were you thinking? lol, I showed some guy friends her pic, and they started screaming. I felt like I was in heaven those first 3 days. Then you go and stab me in the back. It hurt, but I'm better now. I'm willing to be friends, even though it'll be hard. I hope no other girl has to go through what you put me through. Hopefully you understand what I'm saying. Peace.

(¨`× contact ×´¨)
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments. Please DO NOT ask me for a layout, or any codes. Thanks.

AIM: wanksterx

(¨`× gifts ×´¨)
These are lil gifts people sent me. iLy all ;x

x x

Have you made me a present/fan sign? Send it. Thanks!
Friends:20: baby_cinnamon, boricua_, breath, fooled, jezzikaa, kandeexx, lauriful, lilbunny_l0ser, menace, ookatherine143, oosimpleeloveoo, oxshortygrlxo, rhinestones, slxt_bunni, sparkleing, wrongingful, xmzsh0rtiio, _fitch, _korruptdheart_, _outrageous
Friend of:9: breath, kandeexx, lauriful, menace, sparkleing, xmzsh0rtiio, _fitch, _korruptdheart_, _outrageous
Member of:1: like_firah
Account type:Early Adopter

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