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Below is user information for Briannah. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:plaid_aint_punk (141479)
Location:Downers Grove, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:SanityxOnxEmpty (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Uhm..I rock and Jeremiah Rangel rocks my bed, kthnxbye.

I claimed Jeremiah Rangel, The Mest Hand Dance, Matt Lovato's Knee Socks, Tony Lovato's smile and Nick Gigler at claim_ur_needs

I claimed Daniel John's cock at claim_a_cock

I claimed Cashdogg, Joel's Baby Mohawk, Ian Grushka, Jeremiah Rangel, and the Lock and Chain Necklace at claim_ness

I claimed Jeremiah Rangel and Phil Cirrillo as my pussy whipped bitches at claimyourpussy

I claimed the word 'kthnxbye' at claim_a_word

Prince is my r10t grrl and i am his sk8r boi!
and now i'm his lollipop porn bitch! Fuck i rock hard.
Interests:111: aim, all things rock, anti-avril, being bisexual, being kinky, bert mccracken, billy martin, billy martin/jeremiah rangel love, bisexuality, bondage pants, booty donkey, boys in makeup, boys using tongue, boysex, brand new, branden steineckert, briannah, chris wilson, cocaine water, coke cans, coke water, damn, dashboard confessional, david desrosiers, downers grove, eyeliner, ferrets, finch, fingertips, foolish games, further seems forever, gay boys, gay men, good charlotte, green day, homosexual relationships, hoodies, ian grushka, immaturity, jeph howard, jere's dances, jeremiah rangel, jordan pundik, julia kruy, kinky shit, laughing at penis, laughing at vagina, level 27, licking, licking stuff, locks and chains, made, matt humping the air, matt lovato, mest, mice, minor threat, monkeys, mtv2, mxpx, my riot girl, my tongue, myself, nautical stars, new found glory, nick gigler, nofx, not playing guitar, pain, pee wee love, penis, pepsi, phil cirrillo, pizza, pop tarts, pop tops, pretending to lick prince, princeton thomas, quinn allman, rancid, random stuff, reading slash, rping, rubber bracelets, s and m, saves the day, saying the word penis, sex, simple plan, staind, sugarcult, sum 41, taking back sunday, the ataris, the blue light specials, the starting line, the word vagina, tim armstrong, toe socks, trapt, tropical sprite, vampirism, vans, vegetarians, vendetta red, walking tacos, winter, writing slash, you, your mom,
Friends:16: boiicrazii, emolunchbox, gcandnfgdonsuck, hellbound, innocent1775, in_fatuated, irapetonylovato, keygui, mewithoutyou, motherfawker, myusernamerules, riot_punk_27, wondering_, xpsychoxsporkx, _neurotic_, _smurf_y
Friend of:12: benjihole, boiicrazii, emolunchbox, gcandnfgdonsuck, hellbound, mewithoutyou, myusernamerules, riot_punk_27, vampyrepunk, wondering_, xpsychoxsporkx, _neurotic_
Member of:17: adopt_a_rocker, all_things_rock, claims, claimyourpussy, claim_a_cock, claim_a_soul, claim_a_word, claim_my_body, claim_ness, claim_ur_needs, claim_yo_bitch, fuct_up_kids, lay_me_out, mest_up, name_that_tune, new_found_glory, _birthdays
Account type:Early Adopter

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