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Below is user information for pixigirl *. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pixigirl (223046)
Name:pixigirl *
Location:Saratoga, New York, United States
17 yrs. of age
born on february 11th, 1986
two lumps on chest
bleeds a fair four or five days straight without dying
loves to lay in bed with a candle lit and an incense burning, just staring at the ceiling
very hyper and off the walls most of the time, other times she's extremely mellow and laid back
might seem like she's on some good drugs
drinks alcohol, smokes weed..not all the time
loves nine inch nails, type o negative, the doors, and led zeppelin
obsesses over trent reznor
has no love to waste her time on, most of the time that's a good thing..sometimes it gets lonely
when she moves out, she's buying a bulldog or a boxer & naming him scarface.
thinks skittles commercials are trippy.
Interests:64: activism, alcohol, alice in chains, animal rights, animals, bass guitar, bracelets, brandon boyd, bunnies, candles, cars, cradle of filth, ddr, dogs, dragonball z, drawing, drums, glsen, godsmack, hatebreed, hello kitty, hemlock, icp, incense, incubus, killswitch engage, kittens, lamb of god, led zeppelin, lizards, marijuana, marilyn manson, mindless self indulgence, nine inch nails, nirvana, otep, pearl jam, peta, photography, piercings, powerpuff girls, rainbows, red hot chili peppers, shadows fall, shaggy 2 dope, shrooms, singing, skulls, spongebob squarepants, stars, stickers, stuffed animals, sully erna, superchick, sworn enemy, system of a down, tattoos, the donnas, the doors, the smashing pumpkins, trent reznor, type o negative, veruca salt, wasteform
Friends:10: bloodsickmaniac, disaster, electro__clash, ikillnyukkas, lipsickness, punkchic49, rental, sicoticmonkeys, sterile, _splat
Friend of:5: bloodsickmaniac, lipsickness, punkchic49, rental, sicoticmonkeys
Member of:1: animal_rights
Account type:Free User

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