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Below is user information for Louiss. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:piwi (147234)
Bio:Well...I was born in Guatemala (I'm sure that's something you won't find interesting at all); raised by my grandparents in several places in that country, and in El Salvador (I like pretending that I'm salvadorean, hehe! El Salvador has beautiful people). I was forcefully brought to the U.S. by my mom, who's lived in California almost all her live, a little less then 4 years ago -and now I don't want to go back. Graduated high school, went to college for a year, dropped out, and here I am now, telling you about my boring life. Oh! One thing about me: I think I'm a nice, struggler, quiet, controversial guy. hehe. :) <>
Interests:108: all over the guy-movie, american history x, androgyny/garbage, angie-song, avril lavign, beanies, beautiful, beautiful (make-out scene), being intrepid, ben stiller, blue, blue jeans, boxers, brad pitt, cameron diaz, chatting online, checking emails, checking offline messages, chicken, chinese food, chow mein, classic rock, comedy, computers, criticising, dancing, dictionaries, dirty dancing, enrique iglesias, fight club, fools rush in, funny people, gay clubs, george carlin, get over it, ghost recon, ghost recon(online), gilberto santarosa, grand theft auto 3, high tech stuff, hip-hop, internet surfing, j-lo, james gandolfini, jennifer lopez, julia roberts, justin timberlake, keanu reeves, kisses, kissing, learning, lemonade, looking unknown words up, mark anthony, matrix, matt damon, michael jackson, mission impossible 2, mouth- ear- neck-kissing, movies, mushrooms, music, new york, nice butts (on everything), no doubt, ocean's eleven, orange juice, pan cakes, pepsi, persian food, playstation 2, programming, queer as folk, queer as folk/justin (sunshine), r&b, racing games, randy harrison, red hot chilly peppers, robert redford, romantic stuff, salsa, sandra bullock, santana, science fiction movies, she's a brick house, silly things, slim gay guys, smooth jazz, soft rock, speeding, splinter cell, steel, strawberries, strawberry cheese cake, strawberry/cherry ice cream, svelte, the beach-movie, the beatles, there's something about mary, this boy's life, vanessa carlton, vanilla flavored things, video games, white bread, will & grace, xbox, xbox online playing, yahoo
Friends:1: manosteel666
Account type:Early Adopter

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