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Below is user information for more subtle than something someone contrives.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pinky_winkie (205252)
Name:more subtle than something someone contrives.
Location:lisbon, my home is where my heart is / somewhere in, Portugal
Bio:can i be the one to feel your breathing rise, softly touch your lips and be captured by your eyes? -br0ke<3

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Memories:2 entries
Interests:148: *pedro!*, a silver mt. zion, activism, adrenaline, ahimsa, album leaf, aliens, alternative, animal liberation, animals, anti-animal cruelty, anti-bush, anti-racism, anti-war, arctic monkeys, art, arts and crafts, atheism, autumn, avantgarde, being loved, björk, black eyeliner, bloc party, bonsai trees, candies, candles, chat, cherishing memories of you, chinchillas, chucks, cleaning my glasses, clouds, concerts, dancing, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, design, dntel, drawing, driving, drum'n'bass, elliott smith, emo, emotions, enjoying life, environment protection, explosions in the sky, fall, far, feeling left out, female empowerment, fireworks, godspeed you! black emperor, handcrafted stuff, happiness, hello kitty, holding hands, honesty, hood, human liberation, icons, idaho, incense, indie rock, interpol, jeff buckley, jejune, jose gonzález, juliana theory, kings of convenience, kissing him, lali puna, larry tee, logh, love, loving you, massive attack, miss kittin, mixtapes, mogwai, molasses, movies, music, my friends, nature, nerd glasses, nietzsche, nyc, onelinedrawing, painting, pedro the lion, peter murphy, photography, piercings, pink, poh-goh, polkadots, portishead, post-emo indie rock, pretty girls make graves, punk, purity, radiohead, rain, rainer maria, recycling, relaxation, rendezvous, rilo kiley, rollercoasters, romance, serenity, shalabi effect, sigur rós, silence, singing, skittles, sky, smarties, spending time with him, stars, staying up late, stripes, summer nights, sunshines, talking with him, tattoos, the clash, the mars volta, the mountain goats, the notwist, the streets, thrift stores, tristeza, true people, truth, ufos, vegetarianism, waterfalls, writing, xiu xiu, yeah, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, zyon, ,
Friends:13: allxelsexfailed, animal_rights, dead_girlfriend, emo_girls, emo_kids, jacr87, makingamixtape, novoselic, pagan_poetry, prettygraves, proudtobesxe, whatdayistoday, xbsrx
Friend of:9: allxelsexfailed, carrola, confederated, dead_girlfriend, finalhope, jacr87, novoselic, whatdayistoday, xbsrx
Member of:3: animal_rights, makingamixtape, pagan_poetry
Account type:Free User

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