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Below is user information for nobodyimportant. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pinksummerrain (773958)  
Location:wales/ not in a city, wales, United Kingdom
Bio:hey, it's me, El! another nobody in this world full of hate! somebody else to take away food from starving children, somebody else to spit on you'r mcdonalds somebody else to pick the wildflowers, somebody else to build a house on a beautifull landscape and ruin the whole fucking picture! i'm sorry im in a bad mood! im quite nice really I like warm hot chocolate, cuddling up by the sofa with a big cuddlie pillow nd stuff like that, im just in a really sour mood at the mo! please exuse! and i can not spell by the way!
Interests:82: adore, andy warhol, animal rights, animals, anyhing goes, anything, art, beads, beauty, bed, blue, bonbons, bubbles, cadburys chocolate, china, chocolate, couture, craft, david bowie, dirt, dog, drawing, drugs, dvds, e-mail, emminem, escape, fantasy, fashion, fetish, finding neomo, flowers, fluff, fruit, fuck, fun fair, gay rights, happy, healthy food, holiday, ice age, jack ass, junk food, love, love actually, marolyn manroe, mates, michael jackson, music, no anal!, nobody!, photography, pink, pink fluff, prince, r.e.m, rain, rainbow, recieving txt messages, rivers, rock, rolling stones, sex, sex pistold, showers, sketching, sleep, slim shady, snow, socialising, star signs, streams, sun, swimming, system of a down, thai, the simpsons, tigers, toffee, travelling, water, wood
Friends:1: blacknectar
Friend of:2: blacknectar, stickyfingers13
Account type:Free User

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