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Below is user information for SaMMiE*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:pinkkissez (174693)
Location:LAs Vegas, United States
AOL IM:babiebluz0709 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:120: 2pac, 50 cent, abercrombie, abercrombie 8, air force ones, american eagle, armani, assemblys, august 12, basketball, basketball games, beach, bebe, blurty, books, boy meets world, boyfriends, boyz, braz, bubblebaths, bubblegum, cartoons, cds, cell phones, chanel, cheer competitions, cheer uniforms, cheering at games, cheerleading, chocolate, clothes, coach, concerts, cookies, cosmogirl, dancing, dates, doggies, eminem, flirting, football games, friends, getin freakayyy, getting my nails done, glitter, gucci, guess?, helping people, hollister, honey bear, hugs, i love yo0, ice cream, jacuzzis, jeans, jewlery, kicks and jumps, kim possible, kisses, kittys, lauging, limited to0, lip gl0ss, love, mac, magazins, makeup, making friends, making out, mallz, mary kate and ashley, movies, munchies, my best friend, nail p0lish, nordstroms, ocean, partys, paul mitchel, peanut butter, peters birthday, pigtails, pink, pizza, ponytails, purses, r.kelly, rain, reading by the fireplace, resses starburst, roadrunner, roasting marshmellows, roses, ruby, santa, scooby doo, seventeen, sexy guyz, sh0es, shopping, short shorts, singing, smiling, soccer, soft pretzels, staying up late, strawberries, swimming, teen people, th0ngs, the easter bunny, the stars, tickling, tweety bird, usher, vacations, valentines day, waves, whipped cream, will and grace
Friends:9: forgivexme, glitterxfaerie, kissez_f0_y0o, mistak, piink_candii, pink_thonq, steph2, stephy05, _sammi_
Friend of:7: glitterxfaerie, kissez_f0_y0o, mistak, pink__thonq, stephy05, xiheartnothingx, _sammi_
Account type:Early Adopter

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